Over 74,000 Individuals Completed Full Vaccination Regimen, Says Dr Adham

KUALA LUMPUR: A total of 74,289 individuals in the country have completed full vaccination regimen under the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme as at yesterday.

Health Minister Dr Adham Baba said for the same period, 436,687 individuals had received the first dose of the vaccine.

The total number of first and second doses of Covid-19 vaccine in the country currently stood at 510,976.

According to the infographics shared on his official Twitter account today, Dr Adham said Selangor recorded the highest number of individuals who have received the first dose of the vaccine at 60,521 people followed by Perak (49,528) and Sabah (41,415).

It was followed by Kuala Lumpur (37,617); Sarawak (36,244); Pahang (33,320); Johor (32,126); Penang (31,189); Kedah (26,310); Negeri Sembilan (21,017); Terengganu (20,055); Kelantan (19,755); Melaka (11,094); Perlis (9,530); Putrajaya (4,621) and Labuan (2,345).

Meanwhile, Sarawak recorded the highest number of individuals who have completed the full vaccination regimen at 10,643 followed by Kelantan (7,922) and Kuala Lumpur (7,769).

This was then followed by Perak (7,197); Pahang (7,162); Johor (5,666); Terengganu (4,601); Kedah (4,469); Selangor (4,224); Negeri Sembilan (2,942); Penang (2,756); Melaka (2,545); Sabah (1,796); Labuan (1,567); Perlis (1,561) and Putrajaya (1,469).

Launched on February 24, the national Covid-19 immunisation programme is aimed at providing free vaccination to the people of the country, both Malaysians and foreigners. РBernama

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