Tag: High Court of Malaya

Anwar Ibrahim Woos Malay And Opposition In Parliament

If Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has his way, the Bersatu Party for one may be politically buried long before the leaders in court are fined and jailed, and jailed further in default on the fines!

Altantuyaa The Need For Public Inquiry On Twilight Zone

Disgraced Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri allegedly confessed about extraordinary happenings in the twilight zone before Mongolian model Altantuyaa Shaariibuugiin was blown up!

High Court Can Declare MySejahtera Redundant, ‘Contact Tracing’ Unsustainable

Gov't retains MySejahtera App, 'cronyism' has won the day Based on what the Malaysian gov't declared recently, on contact tracing being redundant, MySejahtera scanning --...

M’sia Should Do Away With LLB, Widen Talent Pool For Law

English must be brought back for law, the education and profession reformed. It's high time that we call a spade a spade on the controversial...

PM’s Outburst On AG Tommy Thomas Further Clouds Picture On Tenure

Prime Minister Ismail Sabri warned that action will be taken against the former AG (Thomas) for comments in his Memoirs It wasn't immediately clear whether,...