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Anwar Ibrahim Cabinet Reshuffle For Unity Government Of Lawmakers

Pakatan Harapan (PH), Barisan Nasional (BN) and the Sabah and Sarawak coalitions would be out of the Anwar Ibrahim Unity Government, PAS lawmakers would enter after Cabinet Reshuffle as individuals!

More than a third of Melburnians have never caught a bus, Infrastructure Victoria wants the network overhauled

Quick read In short: A report has found that Melbourne's bus network needs to be redesigned with more priority lanes and cheaper fares About a third of Melburnians have never used a local bus. What's next? The Public Transport Users Association said more money needs to be invested in the network so that buses are a viable public transport option for more people. Anita Patel catches three buses to get to work...

Ingatan Terbaik Buat Abah Din

Oleh Anak Permatang Padi Sidang media Anwar Ibrahim (Bang Non) pada Rabu lalu tidak mengejutkan. Ketika Kabinet bermesyuarat, 'bakal PM' beberapa kali kata dia sudah...