Diesel Subsidy is No More

The long speculated end to fuel subsidy is here. Well, almost. The end of blanket diesel subsidy in Peninsular Malaysia comes with trepidation, as the rationalisation is long overdue. Yet, the years of delay in the rationalisation may have structurally weakened the nation's economy. The big-bang approach to rationalise the diesel subsidy too is worrisome, as there may not be adequate room for Malaysian businesses, be they micro-SME or SME, to land on their two legs.

‘Unveiling Uniqueness’ A Platform For Neurodiverse Talents

The pinnacle occasion, Unveiling Uniqueness, celebrates the distinctive quality of each individual and offers them a platform to showcase their diverse gifting and abilities, a testament to their capabilities and an affirmation of their unique talents.

Silent Revolution For Results In Education And Reforms

The MQA (Malaysian Qualification Agency) won't stand in the way of subject matter experts on public examination techniques for education reforms!

Incursions: Dealing With Break-ins and Trespassing Malaysian Way

After centuries of colonisation, our nation achieved sovereignty, free from the incursions of foreign powers. But we still have minor incursions, threatening the peace of the nation internally and from the sea. How we deal with it should be a lesson to the international community.

Bullets Ahoy! Death Threats And What’s Happening In Malaysia

An assemblywoman recently received two bullets, which is obviously a death threat, not because she ran out of ammunition. What does it mean? Is this normal in Malaysia, as the writer pokes his head around to find out?

The Real Issues On Najib In Jail Not In Any Forum

All other narratives on Najib in the media, social media and court of public perception, remains unmitigated vilification of the former Prime Minister, based not on the rule of law, the basis of the Constitution.

Najib (When Freed), Poised For Helping Unity Government In GE16

Umno and BN (Barisan Nasional) can remain with unity government decreed by Agong but, advised by former Prime Minister Najib Razak, contest in free for all in more than the 30 parliamentary seats conceded by Allies!

Najib Can Safely Drop Challenging Government And Go Home Immediately

Former Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak may rethink judicial review on house arrest after Agong, as hereditary ruler with reserve and residual powers, halved 12 year jail sentence and reduced fine!

Najib MAY Be Placed Under House Arrest Before June 5

High Court Judge Amarjeet Singh will heave huge sigh of relief in 50 days time, i.e. on June 5, if former Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s plight in jail was resolved by house arrest before the next judicial review!

Najib Judicial Review On House Arrest To Take Centrestage

Former Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has proven, based on strong circumstantial evidence, that Agong's Decree on House Arrest exists and that he merits benefit of the doubt on the matter!

Sticks And Stones: The Kafir Conundrum That May Break Our Bones

The education ministry came under fire for mentioning “kafir” that upset many non-Muslims in the country. But that, alongside another K word that get the Malaysian Indians’ knickers twisted, would be less offensive if the context is understood properly.

The PADU Quagmire Leading To An Identity Crisis

What started out as a simple registration exercise turned out to be a public relations nightmare for the Minister of Economy, who may have no business collecting separate personal information for the PADU initiative.

1MDB Lessons Perhaps Still Not Learnt In Malaysia

Lessons not learnt . . . The reasons for the 1MDB global financial scandal remain widely known in the public domain but so far there has been very little evidence that Malaysia has taken steps against history repeating itself!

Don’t Malaysians Deserve Better? Say No More!

What do Subang Airport, Air Asia and Economy Rice have in common? The answer is that it has become synonymous to the average Malaysian’s life these days.