Royal Addendum: Citizens Perplexed At Actions Of Government

Baffled individuals from all the states in Malaysia share their thoughts regarding Wednesday’s judicial review pertaining to the Royal Addendum order and most expressed disbelief about the actions of the government

KUALA LUMPUR – Why must the government hide the Royal Addendum order? That seems to be the question on the minds of citizens in the wake of recent developments pertaining to Order by the former king, Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah.

NMH asked these netizens to share their thoughts on the issue …

When a citizen from each state has a voice regarding the Royal Addendum NMH pic

Eva Sam, Johor: I just want to say that it is very unbecoming of a government to keep this Addendum under wraps. It is a royal decree which should be exposed to all. In fact it is illegal to hide it. Also what is the reason for hiding it? What is the gov’t so afraid of? Not to mention, it is an insult to the previous King when it hides the Royal Addendum order.

Joey Tan, Sarawak: There is a Malay proverb, “pantang Melayu menderhaka kepada Raja“, meaning, it is a taboo for the Malays to go against the King. Actually, this should not only apply to the Malays, it should be upheld by everyone who consider themselves Malaysians. In the case of DSN (Datuk Seri Najib Razak), it is a clear indication that the Royal decree should be upheld and respected, and not to be denied or hidden.

“Are hidden hands involved in this scheme of things? Hidden by enemies of DSN? Hidden by cowards? By traitors of the nation? Perhaps.

Richard Wong, Sabah: We have a Rukun Negara, the very principles of Malaysia as a country which must be observed and followed by every citizen.

“One of the principles of Rukun Negara is to pledge our loyalty to the King and Sultans. This principle even comes before the Federal Constitution and only after God. This is how important it is for every Malaysian to respect the Royal household and our King.

“Hiding the addendum and pretending nothing has happened is nothing but “kurang ajar” (disrespectful), and not deserving of a leader.”

Dr Aaron Kong, Selangor: “The government of the day prides itself with the concept of Madani which includes “trust” and “compassion” among its acronym. It seems to me the Madani that is being practised is selective and not universal, especially so, in the case of justice for Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak, even when no denials have been made by the Palace regarding the royal decree for a house arrest. I am disappointed because I expect more, much more, from this unity government.”

Leeza MSI, Penang: “I repeat for the 100th time that Dato Seri Najib is the main political competitor to ALL the politicians in this country, so everyone wants him to be locked up for as long as possible.

“So much so that they are willing to ‘hide’ a Royal decree at the risk of the wrath of the citizens.”

Najman Zainuddin, Perak: “The hiding or covering up of the Royal decree by the 16th YDPA is, to me as a layman, tantamounts to, at worst, treason and at best, plainly recalcitrant by the current administrators.

“A Royal decree is meant to be known by the populace, not a document stamped ‘For Your Eyes Only’ or ‘Private and Confidential’ for the consumption of the elite few.”

Intan Shamsiah, Kuala Lumpur: “In Malaysian, the supreme ruler is the Yang DiPertuan Agong. His Majesty’s decree is one that must be executed expeditiously.

“It is strange when His Majesty’s decree is ignored. I am wondering, is this a subtle opposition to the Supreme Ruler? If a former Prime Minister can be treated this way, it is not impossible that we, the normal people in the streets, may suffer similar treatments. Where is the Justice?

Azimah Ashaari, Terengganu: “Why was the addendum decree hidden, and who bears responsibility for its concealment? This lingering question troubles the people of Malaysia, particularly steadfast supporters of DSNR.

Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi‘s readiness to attest to the addendum’s existence serves as concrete evidence, as he would not deceive, considering the serious implications involved. Furthermore, DSNR would not pursue legal action without substantial proof.

“If an order from the Royals can be disregarded, what other betrayals might the civil government commit? DSNR, who has made significant contributions to the nation, faces oppression; what then awaits the fate of the common people in this era?”

Hamidah Hamid, Kedah: “I share the same feelings with most of my friends on this Royal Addendum.

“It is not a secret anymore that the Addendum exists, but what’s shocking is there are some parties who try very hard to hide it, to cover the truth that the ROYAL DECREE IS GIVEN and should be carried out by the responsible body. I wait with bated breath to see the decree being executed. May Allah guide those involved to follw the right path.”

Wani Mohamad, Kelantan: “Various crises are affecting the country, while we are all aware that many of these events are a result of the unjust detention and trial of DSNR. Numerous matters are being concealed from the people who eagerly await clarity.

“Even more distressing is the fact that the Royal’s order is also being kept from the public eye. Why is this happening? Have the Malays forgotten whom we should obey when there is no longer a place to turn to?

“This is something we need to contemplate to ensure the continued respect for the sovereignty of the country’s laws. If a leader of the nation, who has contributed greatly and proven himself to the world can be betrayed, what about ordinary folks like us? Questions upon questions continue to haunt us all.

“May all these disruptions be rectified for the sake of our beloved nation. DSNR remains in our hearts, despite various slanders and injustices plaguing him. May Allah always protect and bestow His Mercy and justice upon DSNR.”

Sara Zanani, Pahang: “I’m a bit confused. Is there any other power beyond the power of the Yang Dipertuan Agong? How can a Royal decree be brushed aside like garbage? The people need an explanation of how this can happen. Is there another party that has control of our country?

Uja Mustapha, Melaka: “When a government shouts TRANSPARENCY as one of its basic principles, concealing the King’s Commandments, which legitimately exists, is very embarrassing, worrying and should not be condoned. Isn’t this contrary to the principles of Rukun Negara, Loyalty to King & Country?”

Halida Daud, Negeri Sembilan: “I am beyond appalled at the way things have been going on when it comes to DS Najib. Is our country so inhuman that justice can just be ignored? At every step of the way, DS Najib has not been given due justice, and now when the previous King gave the Royal decree for him to be accorded house arrest to serve the rest of his sentence, the government chose to ignore it.

“I am afraid that Malaysians are doomed if we don’t practise fairness and ignore the rule of law.”

Gopal Krishnan, Perlis: “I do not know Datuk Seri Najib personally, but I know the country was better when he was the Prime Minister. Especially for the Indian community. But this turn of events is not about who is the better Prime Minister, it is about what is right according to the Constitution.

“We are told to respect the King and Country. How do we do that when even the Cabinet ministers do not do that by ignoring the decree by the King. This seems like selective persecution, and I cannot keep quiet about it.” – NMH

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