FA Cup Could Be Do Or Die For Ten Hag’s Future At Manchester United

With the Premier League over, the FA Cup could salvage some pride for United and even give Ten Hag a chance to keep going at United next season.

The Real Issues On Najib In Jail Not In Any Forum

All other narratives on Najib in the media, social media and court of public perception, remains unmitigated vilification of the former Prime Minister, based not on the rule of law, the basis of the Constitution.


Time to innovate an elite racquet sports centre with pickleball at the forefront.

Commonwealth Games: Malaysians Unite After Decision Not To Host

Finally a sensible decision by the current government all in the right direction, social media and facebook was awash with joy on the decision, not to host the Commonwealth Games. It actually felt like we actually won a sporting competition, should we have a national holiday? That was a joke, but the fact the government was even considering for a go ahead on this was a shocker.

Let The Commonwealth Games Begin, But At What Cost?

How much is Malaysia willing to pay to host the Commonwealth Games?

Police Say 129 People Killed In Indonesia Soccer Match Stampede

Officers fired tear gas in an attempt to control the situation when supporters of the losing home soccer team invaded the pitch in East Java province, causing a stampede and cases of suffocation.

Qatar Is Preparing For World Cup Fans To Avoid Minor Prosecutions

DOHA - World Cup fans caught committing minor offences such as public intoxication in Qatar will be exempt from prosecution, according to plans being...

Social Media Bans Kickboxer-turned-‘Internet Misogynist’ And Human Trafficker Andrew Tate

BUCHAREST - YouTube has now banned Andrew Tate, a controversial social media influencer. Following similar moves by Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, the platform is...

“Call Me A Legend” – Tze Liang After Winning 13 Medals

National diver Ooi Tze Liang claimed the third gold medal for Malaysia after besting Singapore's Avvir Tham at the men's 1m springboard individual event...

The Olympics & Paralympics: The Greatest Way To Unite A Nation

Let's face it.Things are bleak. People are starving. The most unpopular Prime Minister in the country since it's formation in 1957 is in power and...

Formula 1 After A 10 Year Absence Is Exciting, Beautiful And Fun!

Although not 100% completely honest, Netflix’s Drive To Survive is a great way for casual fans like me to get yearly updates on Formula...