Diesel Subsidy is No More

The long speculated end to fuel subsidy is here. Well, almost. The end of blanket diesel subsidy in Peninsular Malaysia comes with trepidation, as the rationalisation is long overdue. Yet, the years of delay in the rationalisation may have structurally weakened the nation's economy. The big-bang approach to rationalise the diesel subsidy too is worrisome, as there may not be adequate room for Malaysian businesses, be they micro-SME or SME, to land on their two legs.

‘Unveiling Uniqueness’ A Platform For Neurodiverse Talents

The pinnacle occasion, Unveiling Uniqueness, celebrates the distinctive quality of each individual and offers them a platform to showcase their diverse gifting and abilities, a testament to their capabilities and an affirmation of their unique talents.

12 Facts About 1MDB That May Blow Your Mind (Part 1)

In the media, 1MDB was a state investment fund that came under investigation in July 2015 for alleged improprieties. It was one of the biggest financial scandals in the world.

Anwar Struggles To Boost Malaysian Economy A Year After Victory

Rising food prices and weak currency hamper reform plans of PM Anwar

GE15: Who Can Really Stabilise The Malaysian Economy?

Whichever party or coalition that wins in GE15, it has a massive task to get the country's economy back on track in the midst of the global economic downturn.

Budget 2023: E-Pemula Credit Increased, Gov’t To Pay E-Hailing Licence Fee

Reactions have been mixed regarding the E-Pemula increase announcement KUALA LUMPUR -- Two million youths aged 18 to 20, and full-time students aged 21 and...

Joseph Pairin Kitingan Poised In Historic Take As Sabah Governor

Pairin, if Sabah Governor, can take a leaf from sultan, and be dubbed Huguan Siou -- Paramount Chief -- as well, but non-Orang Asal should also be eligible by Convention, if not by the rule of law!

If RM Declines Further, Bank Negara Chief Must Be Sacked, Like Anwar

Finance Minister Anwar Ibrahim was sacked in 1998 when he failed to crack down on local speculators in RM, Bank Negara Chief making the same mistake!

No, CPI Is Not The Ultimate Tool To Measure Inflation

Is our inflation rate REALLY among the lowest in the region? According to the Department Of Statistics Malaysia, the inflation in June was 3.4% compared...

Tajuddin Ejected From Dewan Rakyat For Uttering Offensive Word

Pasir Salak MP Tajuddin utters bad word that causes an uproar during proceedings Pasir Salak Member of Parliament Tajuddin Abdul Rahman was again in the...

Ray Of Hope For ASD Needs With National Autism Council

Khairy wants National Clinical Autism Registry to collect data on cases A National Autism Council is set to be formed to streamline education, treatment and...

Petronas’ Subsidiaries In Azerbaijan Seized By Sulu Sultanate’s Heirs

Malaysia had stopped paying heirs of Sultan Sulu annual RM5,300 cession money since 2013 after the Lahad Datu armed incursion TWO of Petronas’ subsidiaries in...

High Court Can Declare MySejahtera Redundant, ‘Contact Tracing’ Unsustainable

Gov't retains MySejahtera App, 'cronyism' has won the day Based on what the Malaysian gov't declared recently, on contact tracing being redundant, MySejahtera scanning --...

Najib: For 2022, Malaysians Choose Hope Over Fear

Najib reiterated his earlier calls that what we need is a competent government that is able to map sustainable growth for the country! PENANG -...