High Court Can Declare MySejahtera Redundant, ‘Contact Tracing’ Unsustainable

High Court can declare MySejahtera redundant, 'contact tracing' unsustainable.
High Court can declare MySejahtera redundant, 'contact tracing' unsustainable. - NMH file pic

Gov’t retains MySejahtera App, ‘cronyism’ has won the day

Based on what the Malaysian gov’t declared recently, on contact tracing being redundant, MySejahtera scanning — it’s only for contact tracing — can only be redundant. The SJ Trace function on MySejahtera, although declared as no longer needed, keeps saying “activate now”. If not activated, the MySejahtera scanning function may not work unless the App was “verified”, whatever it means, where it blinks red and inactive. See here . . .

The High Court of Malaya or Borneo (Sabah and Sarawak) can declare the MySejahtera App redundant based on what the gov’t has conceded and science being silent on the App. Besides, every country is doing away with similar Apps. In Malaysia, the gov’t belabours in delusions on any pandemic-related matters. They probably can’t imagine politics without the pandemic being permanent. Old habits — read plundering the public treasury and running up the national debt burden — dies hard.

Since push has come to shove, the gov’t has decided to retain MySejahtera. The real reasons for the decision may never been known. In that case, cronyism has won the day.

Privileged Communication

MySejahtera should not be used to collect the personal health record of citizens. This is private and highly confidential privileged communication viz. between patient and doctor. There can be no law on getting regular medical check-ups. Employers may make general medical review as part of Company policy.

Apparently, contact tracing became redundant as too many people were being listed by MySejahtera as casual contact. It’s a failure of the Malaysia Boleh (Malaysia Can) Mantra yet again. The gov’t reportedly paid RM70m for the App which has never really been useful since inception. The virus is everywhere.

It was Ismail Sabri who said that the gov’t would soon announce “good news” on three things viz. masking, MySejahtera scanning and RT PCR Tests. “Good news” in Malaysia generally may only mean allowing some people to unjustly enrich themselves.

The Prime Minister didn’t mention anything about being fully vaccinated and getting 3rd or 4th booster doses.

Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin updated the SOP (standard operating procedure) on Wed 27 April 2022. See here . . .

Testing . . .

RTK Antigen Tests — reportedly a shade better than the highly inaccurate and unreliable RT PCR Tests — may only be “necessary” for frontliners, besides for those who fly and elsewhere if Covid-19 symptoms appear. If passengers are getting RTK Antigen Tests done, there’s no need to be fully vaccinated. In any case, there’s no science behind vaccination.

AirAsia’s Tony Fernandes, for example, pretends to be deaf, dumb and blind on vaccination. The pandemic separated the men from the boys. Like many Malaysians, Tony F has become one of the boys, a lesser mortal, as proven by the pandemic. The number of Tony F’s disingenuous statements — for want of a better term — has increased exponentially since the pandemic. See here . . .

Tony F can be found these days only in LinkedIn.

Otherwise, he cowers in fear at the mention of the social media. He gets no mercy. He believes the social media has a toxic culture and the people were full of hate. He dismisses them as racists, displaying xenophobia and promoting “rotten” politics.

Look Bad . . .

Before the pandemic, he used to make others look bad. Now, he makes others look not too bad.

Intelligence may only be about the ability to learn from mistakes. Tony F has been making many mistakes since the pandemic. He repeats them in the hope that new and better results can be obtained this time by being even more disingenuous. That’s insanity brought about by deep thinking.

It’s clear thinking that provides the way forward.

It’s universally accepted that vaccination does not prevent infections. Big Pharma claims that vaccination will prevent severity of symptoms labelled Covid-19.

That’s pure, unadulterated BS!

We know from science that inflammation and oxidation — think anti-oxidants — are the only responses of the immune system.

It’s inflammation that unleashes symptoms including those labelled Covid-19. It’s not clear where vaccine enters the picture.

Bishop’s Observation . . .

Masking, as observed by the Bishop of Kuching last Sun, would be advisable in enclosed public premises. He was apologising for not allowing more people to attend mass in Church.

Keep on the safe side.

Better safe than sorry.

On aircraft, it’s said the cabin air was filtered and sanitised. Oxygen was added. So, masking isn’t necessary.

The science tells us that sanitising the hands may be the only protection against the virus. Masking prevents unsanitised hands touching the mouth, nose and eyes.

Masking can also filter the air exhaled by others in enclosed public premises. It’s safer to assume that the novel Corona virus may be present in exhaled air. It may enter the body through inhalation. Science provides no proof. So, let’s rely on common sense, paranoia and scenario-building.

Science will no doubt take another 20 years to announce, if any, on whether exhaled air within public premises carries the virus. It won’t be surprising if science says the research was inconclusive since there’s no trace of the virus. That would be the mother of all anti-climaxes.

Money From Vaccine . . .

Khairy, in a related development, earlier challenged his critics to prove that he made money from the vaccination programme. See here . . .

He isn’t untouchable if MACC (Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission) or Bank Negara (Central Bank) files civil action against him for allegedly money laundering activities probably from time immemorial. His assets can be frozen, seized and forfeited by the state. No one believes that Khairy Jamaluddin was born rich.

Alternatively, Khairy can cut a deal with the authorities concerned, without prejudice. He will probably be allowed to keep a house, a car and some money. The pension may have to go for allegedly being party to illegalities. In other cases, the people were left in shock and disbelief when errant parties surrendered only 40 per cent of their ill-gotten gains in court.

That has led to calls in the social media in defence of shoplifters who make off with some tins of sardine, for example, and get seven years jail. The social media wants these small-time thieves to be freed from jail if they return half the number of sardine tins stolen. – New Malaysia Herald