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E-Waste: The Afterlife Of Electronic And Electrical Equipment

E-waste is a threat that is possibly bigger than plastic wastes to the entire ecosystem. There is a need to recognise these growing global hazard and find ways to deal with it.

Najib Judicial Review On House Arrest To Take Centrestage

Former Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has proven, based on strong circumstantial evidence, that Agong's Decree on House Arrest exists and that he merits benefit of the doubt on the matter!

Vaccines And MCO: A Scandal Many Magnitudes Greater Than 1MDB

Those who managed the pandemic must be held accountable, says Murray Hunter, who indicated that this article of his was the most read in 2023 with more than 28,000 reads, yet there are still many questions unanswered, especially about the need for the MCO, the vaccines and the procurement processes that come with it.

Umno Youth Chief’s Endearing Video On X’Mas Day Touches Hearts

While some Muslims are fighting with each other on whether they can wish their friends Merry Christmas, Umno Youth leader, Dr Akmal Saleh, made a surprise Christmas visit to one of his elderly constituents called Amma and he was also seen in the video being fed by her

Wan Junaidi: No One Cared About Sarawak Until Najib Became PM

Sarawak started getting the attention it truly deserved during Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s administration, said the Dewan Negara president.

Najib Razak Tested Positive For Covid-19 Infection

Former Prime Minister Najib Razak was admitted to HKL Tuesday afternoon and tests today came out positive for Covid-19 infection

Voting In Lembah Pantai. What Say The Bangsar Bubble Set?

I don't really like to interview politicians - they are so guarded when being interviewed. I like to make my own observations and share my thoughts and opinions - whether you agree or not, that's your choice. It is, after all, a democratic country and on Saturday, Malaysians will vote for their choice of government. As I will be doing in Lembah Pantai

GE15: What Say The Young People? What Do They Want?

Now that they have been given a say on who they think should form the gov't, what do these young voters want? Read on ...

Where Were You The Night BN Lost?

Now that GE15 will be held anytime soon, NMH is running a series of articles to remind readers about what happened to the country after BN lost power. Today, members of the editorial team that was assembled long after PH took over power, share their thoughts.

GE15 – Are The Parties All Set For Battle Royale?

PM Ismail Sabri's dissolution of Parliament on Monday to make way for GE15 caught a number of people by surprise, esp those in the Opposition bloc.

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Bagaimanakah Semangat Merdeka Tahun Ini?

Tahun ini adalah tahun kemerdekaan yang ke-65 dengan tema 'Keluarga Malaysia Teguh Bersama' dan diserikan dengan 'logo' umpama lambang wifi yang dipertontonkan kepada umum....

Dissolve Now! Umno Will Not Negotiate Further

Zahid: Umno needs a fresh mandate so that it can eradicate further desecration of the legal system in the country KUALA LUMPUR - The cruel...

12 Incredible First Time In History Events In The SRC Trial

The world certainly watches in disbelief when these 12 events evolved from the start of the formation of SRC International itself Malaysia and her citizens...

Impian Tercapai Kerana Azam Yang Kental

Walaupun tewas untuk mencapai impian pada suatu ketika, memberanikan diri untuk terus pandang ke hadapan telah membawa hasil kepada usahawan ini Halida Mohd Daud, yang...