Revolusi Sukan Udara Malaysia Melalui Aplikasi SAMS

Pelancaran SAMS dilihat sebagai satu peristiwa bersejarah dalam ke arah menjadikan Malaysia sebagai hab sukan udara di rantau ini, memberi inspirasi kepada generasi atlet dan peminat sukan udara di masa akan datang agar sukan ini bertambah cemerlang, dari segi penyertaan dan pertandingan di peringkat kebangsaan juga antarabangsa.

Revolutionising Sports Aviation In Malaysia With SAMS Application

Launch of SAMS is seen as a major milestone in the journey towards making Malaysia a hub for sports aviation in the region, inspiring the next generation of athletes and enthusiasts to reach new heights.

In 1MDB, There Is No Absolute Power For Prime Minister, Unlike In Petronas

Najib’s lawyer told the court that Petronas gave more ‘absolute power’ to PM over company affairs than 1MDB

Jho Low, Not Najib, Was the 1MDB Puppet Master, Court Told

Although former Prime Minister Najib has been charged for abuse of power, MACC investigating officer Nur Aida Arifin tells defence counsel Shafee Abdullah that the fugitive financier Jho Low was the one with total control of the company

Malaysia has recovered $5m of stolen 1MDB assets over the last 13 months

Malaysia is still trying to recover billions of dollars investigators say were stolen from the state fund. MACC has announced the recovery of property and...

MACC Crackdown: A Necessary Sting or Politically Motivated Jab?

Malaysia's anti-graft landscape has been roiled in recent weeks by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission's (MACC) high-profile arrests of prominent figures. From politicians and business...

Daim Zainuddin Under Probe For Missing Old Umno Billions

MACC, acting on the directive of Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, was apparently probing former leaders including one time Finance Minister II Daim Zainuddin and former dictatorial Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. They may have unlawfully retained reported Old Umno billions in assets!

National Security: Balancing Transparency, Secrecy In Military Procurement

MALAYSIA’s strategic location in Southeast Asia and its complex geopolitical landscape make national security a top priority. The country has been investing in modernising its defence capabilities, including acquiring new military assets such as fighter jets, submarines and naval vessels. This process has not been without controversy and challenges

Shafee To File Contempt Proceedings Against Certain Media

Some of the recent media reports on the ongoing 1MDB-Tanore trial are lopsided and biased, Shafee said

Vaccines And MCO: A Scandal Many Magnitudes Greater Than 1MDB

Those who managed the pandemic must be held accountable, says Murray Hunter, who indicated that this article of his was the most read in 2023 with more than 28,000 reads, yet there are still many questions unanswered, especially about the need for the MCO, the vaccines and the procurement processes that come with it.

Mahathir Misleads On Role And Functions Of Sultan

Mahathir, in alleging that Sultan handed over power to the British, glossed over the colonial administration elevating river mouth dwelling toll collectors in Malaya as territorial rulers recognised by the English crown!

Rosmah Mansor’s AMLA Trial: Prosecution Failed To Disclose Offence, Say Counsel

The defence today presented the legal issues pertaining to the Amla chargers and reasons why the charges should be struck out and Rosmah should be acquitted

12 Facts About 1MDB That May Blow Your Mind (Part 1)

In the media, 1MDB was a state investment fund that came under investigation in July 2015 for alleged improprieties. It was one of the biggest financial scandals in the world.

‘Whistleblower’ Behind AG Tommy Thomas Condo Raid At Risk

Condo raid for 'smoking gun' backfired, failed spectacularly in court on public perception game, but the damage has been done in 'victimising' Najib and...