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Rule Of Law In Malaysia Lacks Education For Skills

Law practice and court room skills ultimately come from the power of language, wide reading, ability to think, and ability to fathom the judge's thinking on the rule of law!

Anwar Ibrahim Woos Malay And Opposition In Parliament

If Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has his way, the Bersatu Party for one may be politically buried long before the leaders in court are fined and jailed, and jailed further in default on the fines!

Kenapa Politik Perpaduan Penting Untuk Kemakmuran Negara?

Oleh Dr Awang Azman Awang Pawi Politik perpaduan sangat penting kepada negara untuk memastikan proses pembinaan negara dapat dilakukan dengan lebih baik tanpa hambatan dan...

Who Created The So-Called Deep State?

Spare us the pseudo-theories about the so-called deep state to justify reneging on your election promises. Kua Kia Soong is Suaram adviser. You have to laugh...