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Altantuyaa The Need For Public Inquiry On Twilight Zone

Disgraced Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri allegedly confessed about extraordinary happenings in the twilight zone before Mongolian model Altantuyaa Shaariibuugiin was blown up!

Anwar Ibrahim New Government In Waiting For Malaysia

Anwar Ibrahim, prime minister driven by the distant past from ages ago, appears old musical record stuck in the groove!

Rosmah Mansor did not purchase pink diamond

It was the stone that rocked the nation. It became the national symbol for corruption, the sign of opulence and while the people starved,...

Rantau stirs to call for referendum on Pakatan Harapan government

Tok Mat brand stays strong, PH’s campaign gaining momentum By Dr Pamela Yong It has been over one week of campaigning since the nomination day for the Rantau...

By election determiners

Two by elections to watch out for this year would be Rantau and Cameron Highlands. Both Barisan Nasional seats were invalidated late last year...