It’s like a storm in a teacup, but it’s just black noise since Najib has every right to be at the said Royal event.

So much furore over former premier Najib Razak’s presence at the Breaking of Fast at Istana Negara. Netizens were surprised to see Najib seated at the main table, next to prime minister Ismail Sabri, together with the King and other dignitaries. Loud protests were heard in the social media with mainly criticisms. Netizens felt Najib should not be invited by the King in view of his conviction in the SRC case.

Ramadan… Month of Forgiving and to Foster Goodwill

Muslims take Ramadan as a month to do goodwill, a month of forgiveness, a month to do kind deeds.The King was following the teachings of Islam when he invited Najib to attend the breaking of fast at Istana Negara. No person should be discriminated because of his background and that includes Najib with a conviction on record. The point is, the SRC case is still awaiting appeal at the Federal Court. It is still an ongoing trial. It’s premature to condemn Najib as a criminal as there is every chance of Najib being successful in his Federal Court appeal. It would be an injustice to Najib if he were to be ostracized from society just because of prejudice by certain quarters. Even the judicial system is allowing Najib to be heard at the Federal Court. Najib is not being shunned by the Court. In fact, if he is being given the opportunity to adduce new evidence, he may even get a new trial for the SRC RM42 mill case. So why must netizens act in contrast to the judicial system?

Najib – The “Orang Besar” Pahang

Najib is the titular holder of “Orang Besar”, amongst the list of Prominent Persons in Pahang. This is a position that carries high honours amongst the Pahang Royalty. As the King hails from Pahang, it is only a natural act that His Majesty accorded Najib the honours as “Orang Besar” Pahang. The Malays are rich in tradition, just like the saying “Biar Mati Anak Jangan Mati Adat.” Such is the prominence of culture and tradition in the Malay society. Obviously, netizens overlooked this factor when condemming Najib at the Istana Negara.

This photo of the royal dais where the King and Queen sit with the PM and Najib Razak earned the ire of netizens who were so willing to discredit all of the former pm’s contribution to the country. – Photo credit: FB Istana Negara

Najib – The Punching Bag

It looks like Najib will continue to be the punching bag of netizens. Nothing that Najib has done so far deserved any praise. It’s Najib’s efforts that resulted in EPF allowing the RM10,000 withdrawal for those in need. It’s Najib that called for Sapura Energy to be rescued, thus saving the livelihood of thousands of workers and saving the country from the consequent financial crisis. It;s Najib that raised the plight of society during the Covid pandemic. And yet, netizens keep a blind eye to his good deeds. Clearly, Najib is a classic victim of the the PRIDE AND PREJUDICE OF SOCIAL MEDIA.

The Blind Justice Of Social Media

It’s a cruel world. And it gets worst in the world of social media. This is a world where netizens are THE PROSECUTORS AND THE HANGMAN. There is no trial. Najib was not given a fair hearing by netizens. He was condemned the moment police raided his residence in Taman Duta. It’s just a one-sided story. Whatever said by Najib is disbelieved. The hearsay stories against Najib has become the gospel truth. Netizens had found Najib guilty in the SRC case even before the trial, and now, despite the pending appeal to the Federal Court. What chance does Najib have to proof his innocence in the face of extreme prejudice of netizens?

Ultimately, will Najib ever get justice in his trials and tribulations?

Thus the need for netizens to exercise reasonable judgment whenever faced with issues over Najib…. AND TO BEWARE OF BLIND PRIDE AND PREJUDICE.

Netizens who are quick to condemn Najib must remember this. Their idols (the Pakatan Harapan gov’t) were given 22 months to rule the country. What did they do? They messed up the whole economic and social systems and then their second idol (Mahathir Mohamad) decided to resign and brought down the whole sorry gov’t with him.

So folks, be careful what you wish for, for you might just get it. You did, you failed, and now there is a strong possibility that Najib may come back. Because the Malays have a saying which indicates that if you were to repeat an item or a name incessantly, it might turn out to be a prayer (doa) which God may just decide to grant you the wish. – New Malaysia Herald

About the writer: Kamarudin Ahmad is a social activist and a lawyer by profession and occasionally writes for the New Malaysia Herald (NMH). The points expressed in this article are that of the writer’s and do not necessarily reflect the stand of NMH.

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