Go On The Offensive, BN Parties Urged

Both Tok Mat Hassan and Najib Razak told BN members that they cannot rest on their laurels of having managed the country before, but they must be united, share commonalities, respect differences and conceptualise, reinvent and rebrand the party.

KUALA LUMPUR – Members of Barisan Nasional (BN) component parties were told today that a fresh, revolutionary and diversified perspective is needed if it wants to be the victor in the coming general election.

BN deputy president Mohamad Hassan (Tok Mat Hassan) told the 3,500 strong attendees at its 48th anniversary at the World Trade Center here that times have changed, and what they want to offer the people may not be what they need.

Both Tok Mat Hassan and former premier Najib Razak who is the BN advisory board chairman, made fiery speeches to wake up component party members who were not in tune with the current needs of the people.

Tok Mat Hassan BN has to dominate the government

“BN has to dominate the government in order to heal the image of the country and bring political stability in Malaysia,” said Tok Mat Hassan.

Echoing him, Najib said that in the coming general election, they must punish Pakatan Harapan (PH) for their misdeeds to the country and its people when they were helming the government.

“This also applies to Perikatan Nasional (PN) for lying to all Malaysians, suspending Parliament during the pandemic crisis to ensure that they remain in power at that time,” he added.

Both the leaders mapped out the storyboard on how they can win in GE15.

Not Just For BN

Fresh and effective ideas, mutual understanding, collective responsibility, cohesiveness and united – the key essence that will drive home the victory message. Not just for BN, but for Malaysia.

While it was clear that BN is gearing for two-thirds majority, they cautioned that they should be moralistic when politicking and not to give way to “political traders.”

Winning the election is no longer about being defensive, they have to go on the attack and the candidates selected must be relevant to all races and generations.

“They must be educated, moralistic and principled. We must have a strategy supported by information data, and not just based on our imagination,” said Tok Mat Hassan.

Along the same vein, Najib said that all the lies by the opposition have to be exposed.

Najib Razak All the lies of the opposition have to be exposed

“PH leaders were of the Ayam brand quality. Incompetent without the relevant experience. We will not repeat our past mistakes. Prepare, prepare and prepare,” he urged.

Meanwhile, Najib called on Umno’s top five leaders to help prime minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob to make the right decision on when the 15th general election should be called.

He was referring to the Umno president, the deputy president and the three vice-presidents.

“Because the stakes are too high, the right decision must be made, it’s about our future,” said Najib, admitting that GE14 should have been held after Malaysia hosted the South-East Asia Games in Aug 2017.

“If it (the elections) was done then, perhaps we could have won big. But because of certain pressures, we delayed calling the election, and we (Barisan) were defeated,” he said.

Najib said BN should take advantage of the disarray in the Opposition to hold the elections.

“While they are in disarray, Barisan is getting stronger. We may have our problems, but we are stronger now,” said the Pekan MP.

Ismail Sabri had indicated that he is in no rush to call for national polls any time soon, contrary to speculation that polls may be held before the year end.

He had told Nikkei Asia in an interview on Tuesday (May 31) that rising food costs and other living expenses were among the reasons.

The current Parliament term ends in June next year. – New Malaysia Herald

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