Monthly Archives: October, 2022

Rule Of Law In Malaysia Lacks Education For Skills

Law practice and court room skills ultimately come from the power of language, wide reading, ability to think, and ability to fathom the judge's thinking on the rule of law!

Anwar Ibrahim Woos Malay And Opposition In Parliament

If Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has his way, the Bersatu Party for one may be politically buried long before the leaders in court are fined and jailed, and jailed further in default on the fines!

South Korea Demands Answers After Halloween Crush Kills 153

Period of national mourning declared in South Korea; Itaewon district a disaster zone

Rishi Sunak, Britain’s 1st Asian PM, Comes Under Media Blitz

Rishi Sunak, dubbed the 'backdoor Prime Minister', however sees no reason for the Conservative Party to return to the people for fresh mandate!

New MH370 Research Confirmed With Updated Tracking Technology

Apparently this case study is similar to the tragic flight of MH370 in as much as the aircraft flew until fuel exhaustion and then crashed into the sea.

GE15: What Say The Young People? What Do They Want?

Now that they have been given a say on who they think should form the gov't, what do these young voters want? Read on ...

Telling Stories With Heart From Humble Beginnings

Amidst cashier-ringing blockbuster films, audiences yearn for flicks that touch the heart, mind and soul. Filmmaker Tunku Mona Riza has been travelling that route, with rounds of success, especially with the critically acclaimed Redha in the film festival circuits around the world.

Elon Musk Now Owns Twitter, Begins His Ownership With Firings

Tesla CEO Elon Musk claims that he has freed the Twitter bird with new ownership, despite plans to cut jobs

Adidas Officially Terminates Kanye West Contract, Costing Rapper Billions

Kanye West accused of being anti-semitic, loses about RM7 billion in the deal and more with other brands

Rakyat Dikhianati Akibat Politik Ciplak Bersatu dan PN

Bersatu dan PN wujud daripada pengkhianatan politik yang berlaku ke atas BN dan PH

Ex-AG Tommy Thomas In Jail Not ‘Walk In The Park’

Agong has discretion, it's inconceivable that former Attorney General Tommy Thomas would be dragged to court for 'acts in office'!

What’s Up With Whatsapp? Messaging Platform Suffers Outage Worldwide

Whatsapp Users continue to report problems, though the rate appears to be slowing.

No ‘Finality of Closure’ On Najib Case On RM42m SRC

Conviction wasn't 'perfected in law' before former PM Najib Abdul Razak was jailed for 12 years . . . there was NO conviction!

Rishi Sunak To Become The Next UK PM After Months Of Crisis

He succeeds Liz Truss, who served only 44 days before announcing her resignation