This New Year It Is Time To Reflect Upon Ourselves And Palestine

The salvation of this human world lies nowhere else than in the human heart, in the human power to reflect, in human meekness and human responsibility. Vaclav Havel

As parts of the world slowed down for festivities of the birth of Christ and the New Year that follows, it is often the longest holiday season and holidays. This year was no different from previous years where I spent it with family except for one thing – the war upon Gaza. 

When I looked at my children I felt a sense of warmth that they are happy, healthy, and safe. But I also harboured a sense of shame. Shame because there were children in Gaza who did not get that option. They were being murdered by rabid extremist forces while the world watched.

I am not alone in these thoughts. Many people like me are asking the same question. How did we get this far? Was not the infant Jesus born in a barn among animals and lay in the manger? Today we celebrate the occasion by overindulgence of food, drinks, and meaningless items while forgetting the single most important message Christ came with: PEACE.

Many countries canceled the New Year celebrations of implemented sanctions or bans on Israel. But these are merely symbolism. Israel has been blatantly ignoring human rights for decades. 


You see I have realised that the answer is in history. This murder and genocide has been a long time coming. The rest of the world allowed colonists to define its borders as white supremacists decided. Just like the White Australia Policy, every colony has its story of how their country was ”discovered” by the Europeans. Be it for Gold, Spices, and whatnot, colonists raped, killed, pillaged and plundered their way into the New World. But the New World wasn’t new. Civilizations around the world had culture and history long before the white male man decided somehow he was superior because he had discovered God.

And like that Palestine had their land stolen and given away by the Balfour Declaration. An illegal state created by the whim and fancy of the British, armed by the British and it is expected the Palestinians to sit there, lay down, and roll over a military occupation. And today, we have women and children massacred by a rebid regime who claim Jesus was one of them!

As I reflect on the sheer hypocrisy of the British and the lives lost to the brutal occupation and the daily suffering endured by the people of Gaza – it makes me wonder, how long can this go on? The answer is simple – until Gaza is void of any Palestinian. That is the ultimate goal of every occupation. Sound familiar? This is exactly what Adolf Hitler did when he cleansed the Jews, robbed them and burned them at Auschwitz. 

Auschwitz Then And Now

This New Year only one resolution matters – the resolution that every man, woman, and child in Palestine is safe from the occupying forces. 

As I welcome you into the New Year, I would like to welcome you to think about the messages the Zionist influenced press that talk about “self-defence” and ask yourself – did Hitler act in self-defence. Was what he did proportionate?

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