Danny Liew

Danny Liew is a freelance writer with extensive experience in defence, geopolitics, and economics for about 20 years. He contributes to the Perajurit defence portal, Malaysia Military Power (MMP), amongst others.

BRICS For Malaysia: Economic Opportunity or Strategic Risk?

Last week, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim confirmed Malaysia’s intention to seek accession with the BRICS economic grouping. The announcement brought excitement and consternation concurrently to Malaysians. Let’s dissect why the news brought the feeling of excitement and dread simultaneously to Malaysia.

PDRM Advises Public To Be On Alert Mode For Mule Account Trap

In 2023, ordinary Malaysians from all walks of life lost a total of RM1.3 billion from online scams involving 33,324 cases, as released by the National Scam Response Centre in January 2024. This huge amount of losses is largely enabled by mule accounts under the control of online scam syndicates. PDRM, the nation’s primary law enforcement agency responsible for tackling crimes have their work cut out for them. Mule accounts are accounts owned by ordinary people that these scammers have commandeered, with the account holders either complicit with the scammers as they rent out their accounts, or unknowingly, duped by the scammers in their various nefarious schemes.

Diesel Subsidy is No More

The long speculated end to fuel subsidy is here. Well, almost. The end of blanket diesel subsidy in Peninsular Malaysia comes with trepidation, as the rationalisation is long overdue. Yet, the years of delay in the rationalisation may have structurally weakened the nation's economy. The big-bang approach to rationalise the diesel subsidy too is worrisome, as there may not be adequate room for Malaysian businesses, be they micro-SME or SME, to land on their two legs.

Myanmar Citizenship for Rohingyans after 40 years!

After years of Rohingyans suffering from oppression that forced them to flee from Rakhine, Myanmar, the NUCC offers an olive branch to repeal the controversial Citizenship Law 1982. The controversial law derecognised the Rohingyans from citizenship, and became a tool for the military junta to oppress them. What does this olive branch mean for the Rohingyans?

The Mossad Saga And The Israel-Malaysia Relationship

On 28 March 2024, Malaysia's Inspector-General of Police made a surprise announcement of the capture of an Israeli national in Ampang, raising eyebrows and the question on almost everyone's lips: Is he a Mossad operative?

Tiktok Ban By US Is Like Kettle Calling The Pot Black

As TikTok gains popularity in the United States, US House of Representatives passes a Bill to force Tiktok to be sold to a US interest, or be banned, as Tiktok exposes the horrors of Israeli genocide to the world.

Ramadan, Blood Dates and Palestine: Important Issues For Muslims

Ramadhan and kurma, or dates, are synonymous. A must-have appetiser, a sinister shadow hidden behind this delectable fruit is now out in the open, exposing its dark, oppressive secret and systematic exploitation of Palestinian land.