Rakesh Premakumaran Kumar

A movie buff, as opposed to film connoisseur or aficionado, because the last two words are hard to spell, Rakesh has been in the field of writing for more than two decades and hopes that one-day movie “buff”ing is lucrative enough to afford him a Batmobile, the Michael Keaton one.

Sabah ‘Claim’ Hits Brick Wall At Risk Of Colonialism

It's highly unlikely that the Federal Court, bearing colonialism in mind, will rule that the Sabah 40 per cent claim lacks merit. This remains political issue which demands political decision. It's not matter for court ruling! Commentary and Analysis . . . If the Federal Court does not rule that there's no proof that the judicial review application by the Sabah Law Society (SLS) wasn't...

Incursions: Dealing With Break-ins and Trespassing Malaysian Way

After centuries of colonisation, our nation achieved sovereignty, free from the incursions of foreign powers. But we still have minor incursions, threatening the peace of the nation internally and from the sea. How we deal with it should be a lesson to the international community.

Bullets Ahoy! Death Threats And What’s Happening In Malaysia

An assemblywoman recently received two bullets, which is obviously a death threat, not because she ran out of ammunition. What does it mean? Is this normal in Malaysia, as the writer pokes his head around to find out?

US, Israel, and Greta Thunberg’s Nightmare

When the US decides to back the genocidal quest by Israel, the entire world has to pay the price of the evil of the 2 countries.

Multi-tasking Fallacy: Why We Are Not Wired To Multi-Task

Multi-tasking ability is something great to be bragged about. Is it a near-super heroic trait or just about being a jack of all trades and a master of none.

E-Waste: The Afterlife Of Electronic And Electrical Equipment

E-waste is a threat that is possibly bigger than plastic wastes to the entire ecosystem. There is a need to recognise these growing global hazard and find ways to deal with it.

Sticks And Stones: The Kafir Conundrum That May Break Our Bones

The education ministry came under fire for mentioning “kafir” that upset many non-Muslims in the country. But that, alongside another K word that get the Malaysian Indians’ knickers twisted, would be less offensive if the context is understood properly.

The PADU Quagmire Leading To An Identity Crisis

What started out as a simple registration exercise turned out to be a public relations nightmare for the Minister of Economy, who may have no business collecting separate personal information for the PADU initiative.

The Boycott Issue: More Than Just Socks!

The recent call for boycott of KK Mart for selling socks with kalimah Allah revealed the need for another round of clarion call on the need for cultural sensitivity and tolerance when events like this could have been avoided in the first place.

The Recycled Plastic Dream. Or Is It A Nightmare?

Does all that you dump into the recycle bin get recycled? Only 9% of plastics do, apparently. Are we recycling because we need to save the earth or just to save face? Or will there never be an end to the production of plastic for a whole bigger evil reason?

Peace Inwards And Outwards, Within And Without

The Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, may share the same lineage, but they were never strangers to conflicts among themselves. The genocide in Gaza, which we are witnessing in real time, garnered the entire world's attention. Everyone, well, almost everyone is wishing for peace, and among those who went online to express their heartfelt desire, one caught our attention...

Gaza: Crimson-Tinted Brands And Their Roles In The Genocide

With ongoing genocide at Gaza, finger pointing goes towards the direction of the culpable leader and his evil soldier. Seeing that there are still eight fingers to point, the commercial brands, boasting popular products which have contributed directly or indirectly to the ethnic cleansing, are now given the aggressive silent treatment.

DAP: We Ain’t No Commies, We Are Brothers And Sisters Of ….

One hardly want to see a DAP member cutting ribbons, or flagging off runners. Most want to see the party's chief antagonisers braying for blood - the louder the noise, the higher the vibrato netizens create to shake the cyber-sphere; yet their recent denial of communist connection reveals something else…