Rakesh Premakumaran Kumar

A movie buff, as opposed to film connoisseur or aficionado, because the last two words are hard to spell, Rakesh has been in the field of writing for more than two decades and hopes that one-day movie “buff”ing is lucrative enough to afford him a Batmobile, the Michael Keaton one.

OPR Dan Isu Kejatuhan Ringgit – Apa Penyelesaiannya?

Menteri Kewangan II, Datuk Seri Amir Hamzah kata di Parlimen bahawa Ringgit jatuh sebab kadar faedah (OPR) kita rendah. Tapi kerajaan tidak mahu naikkan OPR kerana ia akan bebankan rakyat.

Gaza: Crimson-Tinted Brands And Their Roles In The Genocide

With ongoing genocide at Gaza, finger pointing goes towards the direction of the culpable leader and his evil soldier. Seeing that there are still eight fingers to point, the commercial brands, boasting popular products which have contributed directly or indirectly to the ethnic cleansing, are now given the aggressive silent treatment.

DAP: We Ain’t No Commies, We Are Brothers And Sisters Of ….

One hardly want to see a DAP member cutting ribbons, or flagging off runners. Most want to see the party's chief antagonisers braying for blood - the louder the noise, the higher the vibrato netizens create to shake the cyber-sphere; yet their recent denial of communist connection reveals something else…

PKR and The Quitters: Oh, That Sinking Feeling

One can gauge the power of a political party by two means: 1) Their success at elections; 2) The loyalty of the members. PKR seriously has issues with loyalty, if one were to look at the members who took a hike the last few years

Tunku Mona Riza On Crossing The Cultural Hurdles

Her first feature film dealt with a heavy subject, of parents dealing with an autistic son, and director Tunku Mona Riza is set to release a Cantonese film that had her facing a completely new sets of challenges.

Rain Town: A Revisionist Drama That Hits The Right Spots

Rain Town is everything that you expect from what could be a slow-burning drama, as it takes regular family tension to another height thanks to powerful performances by the leads in this satisfying, taut storytelling by Tunku Mona Riza.

Malaysian Indian: Masala Patriotism At It’s Best

Dr Mahathir's assertion that Indian's are not loyal to the country stirred up some soul searching on the writer's part, and the nonagenarian may not be too off the mark …

2023 Horror Year In Review: A Passable Sequel In 2024

Horror seemed to be the order of the day when we talk about 2022, but then it spilled to 2023 and will 2024 inherit them just to complete the trilogy?