Subendran A Ravindran

Subendran A. Ravindran is a sports consultant specialising in fitness, football and track & field. He is a licensed coach in both and former reporter for various journals writing mainly on geo-politics, aviation, business and football. He has a facebook site that gives free tips on fitness.

FA Cup Could Be Do Or Die For Ten Hag’s Future At Manchester United

With the Premier League over, the FA Cup could salvage some pride for United and even give Ten Hag a chance to keep going at United next season.


Time to innovate an elite racquet sports centre with pickleball at the forefront.

Commonwealth Games: Malaysians Unite After Decision Not To Host

Finally a sensible decision by the current government all in the right direction, social media and facebook was awash with joy on the decision, not to host the Commonwealth Games. It actually felt like we actually won a sporting competition, should we have a national holiday? That was a joke, but the fact the government was even considering for a go ahead on this was a shocker.

Let The Commonwealth Games Begin, But At What Cost?

How much is Malaysia willing to pay to host the Commonwealth Games?