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Najib Judicial Review On House Arrest To Take Centrestage

Former Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has proven, based on strong circumstantial evidence, that Agong's Decree on House Arrest exists and that he merits benefit of the doubt on the matter!

The Mossad Saga And The Israel-Malaysia Relationship

On 28 March 2024, Malaysia's Inspector-General of Police made a surprise announcement of the capture of an Israeli national in Ampang, raising eyebrows and the question on almost everyone's lips: Is he a Mossad operative?

Is The Silence Deafening Because It’s Najib? Asks Author

I am keen to hear what groups like Human Rights Watch, the Int'l Bar Council and the diplomats based in Kuala Lumpur will have to say about the treatment of this case involving Najib

I Was Not Aware Of SRC Funds Inflow, Swears Najib

If I had lied in this oath, Oh Allah, punish me. However, if this was slander by my political foes, punish them and those...

Zahid: Ask Tajuddin Why He Was Dropped

Tajuddin knows the exact reason why he was dropped, Zahid says It would be improper to reveal why Pasir Salak MP Tajuddin Abdul Rahman was...

Inseparable Duo, Najib And Rosmah, Have Options In Court

It isn’t possible for anyone, including court, ‘to know law’. ‘Fake News’ by Reuters on Rosmah Mansor . . . In law, those who accuse...