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US, Israel, and Greta Thunberg’s Nightmare

When the US decides to back the genocidal quest by Israel, the entire world has to pay the price of the evil of the 2 countries.

Malaysian Football – What Now? – Part 1

Our hearts go out to the Malaysian football players who were recently physically attacked by perpetrators whom we hope will be caught and brought to justice soon. Our prayers to the players and their families and hope they recover fast and get back to the game

Najib’s SRC Case Should Be Put Off Until Media Cools

Media Acting As Judge, Jury And Hangman On Najib's SRC And Numerous Other Cases, Unprecedented In History! There are numerous issues in law which may...

Speaker Leaves After Argument Over Petronas Assets Seizures

Kota Belud MP insists on a date to discuss issue saying it is matter of national sovereignty An argument between Member of Parliament Isnaraissah Munirah...