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Rosmah And Najib Allegedly Smeared In Court On Various Charges

The cases in court against Rosmah, was allegedly based ala Trial by Media on building up public perceptions against former Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, in particular, as he seeks freedom from arbitrary detention as political prisoner!

UK 2024 Eerie Similarities With GE15 And Modi 2024

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak would have done better in UK 2024 if he had pushed through legislation in Parliament on runoff if there were more than two parties in the fray in any seat!

SURAT | Mengapa Debat Najib-Anwar Sangat Dialu Alukan?

Rakyat tak sabar nak mendengar hujjah dari dua tokoh pemimpin negara, Najib sebagai bekas Perdana Menteri dan Anwar sebagai bakal Perdana Menteri yang dicalonkan...

It’s Set! Najib-Anwar Debate On May 12

The much-anticipated public debate between former premier Najib and opposition leader Anwar over the Sapura Energy and other national issues is set for May...

Mahathir’s testy exchange with Singaporean Oxford University undergraduate.

Darrion Mohan, a second-year History and Politics undergraduate tore into Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad when he raised the recent issue of Johor’s Chief Minister’s...