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Influencers. How Influential Are They?

Nowadays, you can’t escape from the word “influencers” in any conventional or social media platforms. Their voice seems increasingly loud or is it just a temporary fad?

SPM Absentees: What The 10,000 Students Are Not Telling You

Attending the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) is a rite of passage for young Malaysians to make their first step into adulthood and working life. But, the announcement of 2023 SPM results caught Malaysians off guard with as many as 10,000 students absent from the titular exam. Let's dissect into this worrying phenomenon.

1MDB: Jasmine Loo Denied Striking A Deal To Have Charges Dropped

When questioned, the former 1MDB director said that she was unaware of the charges against her and has left it to her lawyers to look into it

Are Man On The Run And 1MDB Cases Following The Same Script?

This is surely a case of either life imitating art or art imitating life - more likely the latter - as hidden hands seem...

To Prevent New 1MDB Scandal, Time For RCI Or TRC

The causes for the 1MDB Scandal and/or Phenomenon remain unknown, there are no remedial measures for preventing 1MDB 2.0, 1MDB 3.0, and more!

Najib ‘Wrongly Charged’, Literally ‘Framed’, On RM42m SRC Case

Federal Court Review can quash the conviction of Najib, RM42m political donation may be about income tax evasion, money laundering, not 'abuse of power"!

FBI Seized My Phone, Trump’s Attorney John Eastman Says

Attorney John Eastman claims FBI agents appeared to be executing the warrant “issued at the behest” of the Justice Department WASHINGTON - The FBI seized...

Mahathir Fears Being Dragged To Justice If Anwar Becomes PM

Mahathir and family risk civil action for allegedly money laundering activities In Part 1 we saw that the Agong advised Wan Azizah that she...

Tengku Zafrul: 1MDB Principal Debt Not Paid As It Is Not ‘Time Yet’

Tengku Zafrul explained that the federal government will only begin servicing the principal debt once some of the bonds issued by the sovereign fund...

Najib: Status Kewangan Negara Amat Mencabar Akibat Kegagalan PH/PN

Negara sedang berdepan dengan keadaan yang cukup mencabar untuk memulihkan semula tabung-tabung dan rizab negara setelah kerosakan sangat teruk ditinggalkan oleh Kerajaan PH dan...

As Trial Begins in US Court, Will We Finally See Release Of Evidences That Clears Najib’s Link To 1MDB?

It seems that the Malaysian government is not keen to get the 1MDB linked time-sensitive exculpatory evidences to clear the former premier's name What has...

Ex-Banker Roger Ng Got Millions in 1MDB-Linked Kickbacks, Says US Prosecutor

The scandal stems from some US$6.5 billion (RM27.2 billion) in bonds that Goldman helped 1MDB, launched by former Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak to spur...

Zahid’s Case ‘Tests’ Rule Of Law To Its Limits

Commentary and Analysis by Joe Fernandez Umno President Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, 68, after having argued that he has "immunity" in 47 charges facing him, has...

Azam Share Issue Far From Over, Rosmah Charges Need Rethinking

MACC Chief aside, other parties may come under forensic accounting and due diligence. The Securities Commission (SC) probably couldn't look for the law which can...