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Rosmah And Najib Allegedly Smeared In Court On Various Charges

The cases in court against Rosmah, was allegedly based ala Trial by Media on building up public perceptions against former Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, in particular, as he seeks freedom from arbitrary detention as political prisoner!

UK 2024 Eerie Similarities With GE15 And Modi 2024

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak would have done better in UK 2024 if he had pushed through legislation in Parliament on runoff if there were more than two parties in the fray in any seat!

Mahathir Misleads On Role And Functions Of Sultan

Mahathir, in alleging that Sultan handed over power to the British, glossed over the colonial administration elevating river mouth dwelling toll collectors in Malaya as territorial rulers recognised by the English crown!

GE15: The Stepmother Of All Malaysian GEs

In the wake of the global pandemic, political and economic instability, the crucial GE15 can be referred to as The Stepmother of All Malaysian Elections due to the number of breakaway parties

Nothing New In PH Manifesto, Vague On Borneo And Corruption

Except for the Barisan Nasional (BN) Concept, it's unlikely that the Manifesto of other parties in the fray for GE15 would be dramatically different from that announced by Pakatan Harapan (PH)!

Solar Project Allegedly Associated With Rosmah Needs A Revisit

High Court Ruling against Rosmah noted 'political contribution' mentioned, did not explore status of contract . . . whether valid and/or fraudulent project! It's not...

Malaysia Should Challenge Award And Basis For Quantum To ‘Sulu Heirs’

High Court of Borneo recognises Sulu heirs, cured defect, in 1939! The Sulu heirs, in seeking compensation in Arbitration for alleged Breach, will end the...

Malaysia Law Reform More Like A Hydra

Radical rethink in law education may bring about novel developments in court which can be declared as law! We have heard about law reform like...

Kayveas – No Longer President – Returns With More Stunts

The sacked Kayveas from MyPPP unlawfully announced the party would field candidates in Peninsular Malaysia from GE15 Former People's Progressive Party (MyPPP) President M. Kayveas...

Malaysia Long Way Off From ‘Happy Days’ For Justice System

Cosmetic touches now and then don't resolve numerous complaints for years on law and lawyers in Malaysia! De Facto Law Minister Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar's...

Doubtful If Government Will Change Again Before GE15

New round of musical chairs being planned before GE15, indeed, political conspiracy may not pan out Umno vice-president Ismail Sabri, increasingly seen as the worst...

Opposition Quake In Fear Amidst Talks Of Early Polls

The opposition are fearful of the Najib factor which defeated them in Melaka and Johor elections, so now they accuse him and Zahid of...

Gov’t Should Not Direct Social Media Platforms On Content

There's case for review of media 'community standards' for compliance with law There's the belief among cynics that "the media, being an unthinking animal, prevents...

Najib-Anwar Debate May Herald Realignment Of Political Cards

BN-PKR leaders Najib and Anwar speaking different languages, find commonalities on Mahathir Administration during heated debate Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim may have publicly blessed "prodigal...