Kayveas – No Longer President – Returns With More Stunts

The sacked Kayveas from MyPPP unlawfully announced the party would field candidates in Peninsular Malaysia from GE15

Former People’s Progressive Party (MyPPP) President M. Kayveas is back with his political stunts.

In his latest publicity act, the virtually redundant politician announced that MyPPP would field candidates in Peninsular Malaysia in the forthcoming 15th General Election (GE15).

He still claims to be the president of MyPPP.


The facts are MyPPP had been deregistered since 2019.

Thus, officially Kayveas is no longer the leader, neither a member of any political party.

Moreover, Kayveas was officially sacked as a member of MyPPP by its supreme council on 25 April 2018, and by definition, Kayveas is no longer a party member, let alone its president.

Of course, Kayveas announced on that said date that he had resigned as party president effective from April 23.

But MyPPP supreme council on 25 April terminated his party membership so whether or not Kayveas resigned as party president is irrelevant.

However, he is still organising press conferences and making announcements as MyPPP president, albeit unlawfully.

RoS Letters

According to letters issued by the Registrar of Societies (RoS) on 7 October 2019, and on 26 November 2021, to all warring factions in MyPPP, the party has to form an independent body to conduct a fresh internal election to elect a new supreme council.

That independent body must be composed of neutral persons agreed upon by the feuding factions.

The newly elected supreme council will then have to submit all required documents and reports to the RoS for verification and subsequent approval.

Once satisfied, only then the RoS would be able to revoke the party’s deregistration and reinstate its lawful status.

Until now, however, no party election has been held.

Although an independent body was formed to organise the internal polls thrice, all attempts have been futile.

Thus, MyPPP remains deregistered.

Kayveas The Bogus President

But Kayveas still acts as if MyPPP was a lawful political organisation and he was the rightful president, albeit a bogus president.

This shall go down into the long list of Malaysian cheap political acts as the most comical publicity stunt.

Kayveas is no stranger to such stunts anyway.

Previously as MyPPP president, he wanted to usurp and contest the Cameron Highlands parliamentary seat at the expense of MIC, a major component in the Barisan Nasional coalition, during GE14.

But by then, MyPPP supreme council had already terminated his party membership before the polls were held on 9 May 2018.

After GE14, he claimed that MyPPP had pulled out from BN when he had no locus standi to make such an announcement.

Later Kayveas wanted to contest as a MyPPP candidate in the same constituency’s by-election in January 2019.

But he withdrew from the contest on nomination day.

After a short break, Kayveas returns with more comical stunts as MyPPP bogus president.

Surely there are more to come, just grab a seat and enjoy the show. Don’t forget the popcorn. – New Malaysia Herald

About the writer: Aathi Shankar is a veteran journalist and occasionally writes for NMH. The points expressed in this article are that of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the stand of NMH.

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