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OPR Dan Isu Kejatuhan Ringgit – Apa Penyelesaiannya?

Menteri Kewangan II, Datuk Seri Amir Hamzah kata di Parlimen bahawa Ringgit jatuh sebab kadar faedah (OPR) kita rendah. Tapi kerajaan tidak mahu naikkan OPR kerana ia akan bebankan rakyat.

The Recycled Plastic Dream. Or Is It A Nightmare?

Does all that you dump into the recycle bin get recycled? Only 9% of plastics do, apparently. Are we recycling because we need to save the earth or just to save face? Or will there never be an end to the production of plastic for a whole bigger evil reason?

ICJ Israel Ruling and the 1984 Judgment Against the US

To gauge how South Africa’s genocide case against Israel might play out, Nat Parry looks back 40 years to a case that Nicaragua brought...

Call It What You Want, It’s A Genocide, Pure And Simple

Malaysians and Muslims all over the world celebrated the last day of Ramadhan on Wednesday evening with the takbir for Syawal. Despite the pandemic,...