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Breaking : Two Helicopters Collide Mid-Air in Lumut

Two Malaysian Armed Forces collided during a routine flyover exercise. The collision was caught by bystanders and posted on social media. https://twitter.com/aimanhanis92/status/1782599325216133584

Najib, With Or Without House Arrest, Merits Remission On Reduced Jail

Even if the Agong's Decree on house arrest for Najib lies hidden forever, the Pardons' Board letter dated 29 January 2024 on halving of 12 year jail sentence 'without remission' mentioned, exists!

Besar Kemungkinan Zeti Tahu Mengenai Wang Jho Low Dalam Akaun Syarikat Suami Di Singapura

KUALA LUMPUR: Baru-baru ini, polis Singapura telah berkongsi maklumat dengan Bank Negara (BNM) mengenai transaksi mencurigakan akaun bank milik syarikat suami dan anak Zeti...