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Rosmah And Najib Allegedly Smeared In Court On Various Charges

The cases in court against Rosmah, was allegedly based ala Trial by Media on building up public perceptions against former Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, in particular, as he seeks freedom from arbitrary detention as political prisoner!

UK 2024 Eerie Similarities With GE15 And Modi 2024

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak would have done better in UK 2024 if he had pushed through legislation in Parliament on runoff if there were more than two parties in the fray in any seat!

Zafrul Evaded ‘Big Picture’ In Budget’23, ‘Speech’ For The Rich

Zafrul had a long readout of allocations -- or goodies -- which could have been attached to his Budget 2023 Speech.

Joseph Pairin Kitingan Poised In Historic Take As Sabah Governor

Pairin, if Sabah Governor, can take a leaf from sultan, and be dubbed Huguan Siou -- Paramount Chief -- as well, but non-Orang Asal should also be eligible by Convention, if not by the rule of law!

Najib Can ‘Adduce’ Fresh Evidence For New RM42m SRC Trial

The former Prime Minister can initiate developments via 'letter of representation'. There may be a case for Najib Abdul Razak to submit a "letter of...

People’s Petition on MA’63 May Be Way Forward On Malaysia

If I don’t mention source in this comment and analysis, I am connecting the dots as a legal scholar (jurist). There’s originality of thought...