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Najib, With Or Without House Arrest, Merits Remission On Reduced Jail

Even if the Agong's Decree on house arrest for Najib lies hidden forever, the Pardons' Board letter dated 29 January 2024 on halving of 12 year jail sentence 'without remission' mentioned, exists!

Tun Hanif Omar, Retired IGP, Laid To Rest

There is a Malay saying, that when a tiger dies, it leaves behind its stripes. But when a man dies, he leaves behind his deeds. Today, one such man, Retired IGP, Tun Hanif Omar, left us.

Law In Malaysia Never The Same Again After Najib Cases

QCs turning up at Federal Court for SRC RM42m case implicating Najib most interesting development in legal history. Malaysiakini subscribers, who previously put the controversial...

When You Hoodwink The People And Say It’s A Memoir

By Yuktes Vijay If I have my way, the headline of this article would read as any of the following: WHY NOT HANG TOMMY THOMAS FOR...

Was Tommy Pakatan’s AG? Interesting Disclosures In Justice In The Wilderness

By Yuktes Vijay In his recently released book cum memoir My Story: Justice in the Wilderness, former Attorney-General (AG) Tommy Thomas revealed that a Prince...