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Revolusi Sukan Udara Malaysia Melalui Aplikasi SAMS

Pelancaran SAMS dilihat sebagai satu peristiwa bersejarah dalam ke arah menjadikan Malaysia sebagai hab sukan udara di rantau ini, memberi inspirasi kepada generasi atlet dan peminat sukan udara di masa akan datang agar sukan ini bertambah cemerlang, dari segi penyertaan dan pertandingan di peringkat kebangsaan juga antarabangsa.

Revolutionising Sports Aviation In Malaysia With SAMS Application

Launch of SAMS is seen as a major milestone in the journey towards making Malaysia a hub for sports aviation in the region, inspiring the next generation of athletes and enthusiasts to reach new heights.

Gaza War Over In 10 Days, Israel Isn’t Leaving At All

Both sides are now engaged in war of words in the Gaza Strip, allegedly churning out horrific stories virtually for entertainment on TV, the...

Non-Malay Prime Minister For Malaysia If Tanah Melayu Concedes

Police, bent on keeping the peace at all costs, may find it sensitive if CCP and PAP worshipper Lim Kit Siang harps on non-Malay...

Hamas Has No Place, Declares America’s Kamala Harris

US Vice President Kamala Devi Harris (Kamala Harris), sketching America's post-7 October vision for the 2nd rump state of Palestine, said that Hamas would have no place in any new civilian administration in the Gaza Strip!

Jew Can Unite Old Free Palestine Under Language And Culture

Jew can no longer out-compete the others if everyone in the Biblical Holy Land habitually speaks Hebrew, and adopts Jewish culture as well, along with their original culture, literature, customs, traditions, rituals, attire, and local food!

Israel-Hamas Rivers Of Blood Driven By Paranoia

If anything has beginning, it will have end, things may get whole lot worse in the Biblical Holy Land before Israel-Hamas 'eye for an eye' leaves many people blind!

Muslims Mark Eid Al-Fitr Holiday With Joy, Worry

The war in Ukraine and sanctions on Russia have disrupted elements of grain and fertiliser, driving up food prices at a time when inflation was once already raging....

New Delhi Must Uphold Constitution On Freedom Of Conscience

India isn't Hindustan, Hindu State Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Bharata Janata Party (BJP) was installed in New Delhi, Hindus linked to the party...

It’s A 1Malaysia Christmas When It Comes To Our Family

By Latisha Merican https://youtu.be/A5_ZugTFbZE When my husband Michael and I got married, we lived and worked in Singapore and never lived in Malaysia in the...

What I think of Zakir Naik

By Wong Jae Senn Let's start with what he was alleged to have said that triggered a deluge of anger: 1. Indians in Malaysia are more...