Jew Can Unite Old Free Palestine Under Language And Culture

Jew can no longer out-compete the others if everyone in the Biblical Holy Land habitually speaks Hebrew, and adopts Jewish culture as well, along with their original culture, literature, customs, traditions, rituals, attire, and local food!

Commentary and Analysis . . . The Hebrew language, which originated from Jerusalem, can come in as strong unifying factor in the Biblical Holy Land for Jew, Muslim and Christian.

There must be referendum, under international law on self-determination, consent of the governed, legitimacy, territorial integrity, sovereignty and national security on Hebrew being the sole official language in Israel. There can be other issues added as well by the UN for bringing peace in the Biblical Holy Land.

Arabic, at present, is official language as well in Israel, the Gaza Strip under siege and the disputed West Bank. Hebrew isn’t official language in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. It’s only Arabic that’s used in these two territories plagued by disregarding the rule of law, human rights and international law.

Official language, in law, is the language in which the government does business. We write in any language but the government may respond, if at all, in the official language. In law, they can add translation in another language, in reaching out.

National language is the language of the education system, court, media and Parliament. There was no reason for national language in the Old Free Palestine.

The Holy Bible, the Word of God on the spiritual nature of truth, already remains in the Arabic language in Old Free Palestine. The Quran, originally in the Aramaic language, appeared in Arabic after the language entered the Biblical Holy Land in written form.


There’s no Palestinian language, there has never been Palestine nation-state throughout history. It’s aberration in law if Arabic speakers don’t concede being Arabic speaking and/or Arab but something else where there’s no basis in linguistics. The Roman Empire codified Palestinian as administrative term based on misnomer, deliberate or otherwise, on the unrelated Philistinian, and not on any language.

The Palestinian administrative term in the Roman Empire was from old Greek usage for Philistinian from southern Lebanon who settled in the Gaza Strip. They were descended from Phoenician speakers in Lebanon. History tells us that the Philistinian died out. Goliath, in the biblical story where David killed him, was Philistinian. King David founded Jerusalem 3K years ago.

Jew in the diaspora, it has been observed, habitually speak other languages found in the local habitat. Jew in Kerala in southwest India, for example, speak Malayalam the regional language. They never lost Jewishness, and culture, despite being surrounded by others in Kerala for 2K years.

Jewish culture, being based on generations, was about the future and the survival instincts. It’s about empowering siblings, family, community and the nation, never about the self.

In most communities, there are any number of people who are willing proxies, nominees, cronies, and beneficiaries of neptotism who may be party to illegalities like plundering the public treasury under various guises i.e. euphemism. Invariably, these are local tyrants and control freaks.

In short, if everyone in the Biblical Holy Land habitually speaks Hebrew and adopts Jewish culture as well along with their original culture, literature, customs, traditions, rituals, attire, and local food, Jew can no longer out-compete the others. Old Free Palestine can be united under language and culture.

It would also mean that the post-1948 Palestinian would no longer exist just as the Philistinian vanished into history.

Hebrew Speakers

The Arabic speaking phenomenon separates Muslim and Christian from Hebrew speakers in Israel but not from Arabic speakers outside the Biblical Holy Land. Sixty per cent of the people in Jordan, for example, identify themselves as Palestinian. They speak Arabic just like other Jordanian and Arabic speakers elsewhere in the Middle East and north Africa.

The post-1948 Palestinian in the Gaza Strip and West Bank — 2nd rump state of Palestine in waiting — habitually speak the Arabic language. The 1st rump state of Palestine was stillborn in 1948. The UNSC reserved 80 per cent of the land for the habitually Arabic speaking Muslim and Christian in the Biblical Holy Land.

Muslim and Christian in Israel, who publicly declare that they are Palestinian, are immediately put on the regular bus service with one way ticket for the West Bank.

No Arab Ethnicity

There’s no Arab ethnicity. All human being — homo sapiens — have the same DNA marked by genetic barrier of millions of years against other species. Language isn’t proof of race. DNA is the warehouse for genes, the instruction manual for making the human being, based on energy, intelligence and luck.

DNA can’t tell how we would look like but only from whom we got the two sex cells that made us. Arabic speakers, for example, may be blonde like some Jew, Syrian and Lebanese or look like Sudanese or anything in between.

Olives and Cactus in the link may be story which has currency in the Supreme Court of Israel for preventing eviction from cultivated land not needed by the government for public purposes.

There can be no DNA and geographical origin in the Constitution as that would be about the supreme law going against itself. Assimilation and integration are not matters for the Constitution. The court of law does consider DNA but only as proof of descent from citizen. However, it may be no proof of citizenship by operation of law i.e. automatic citizenship no matter the place of birth.

Land Claims Disregarded

It’s the here and now that matters.

The UNSC acted in 1948 on the Biblical Holy Land but failed by not outlawing the terms Palestine and Palestinian.

The UNSC took the cue from the Trans Jordan Palestine Mandate after Jordan was separated by the British.

The British Empire, like the Ottoman Empire, disregarded the land claims of the Arabic speaking Muslim in the Biblical Holy Land on the grounds that Islam came from outside.

The Supreme Court of Israel presides over land matters when the Israeli government seizes private land, whether titled or otherwise, for public purposes. In law, government has right on land matters. They can seize private land but only for public purposes. Compensation must be paid. The Supreme Court may award higher compensation.

Muslim are not prevented from praying at the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, the 3rd holiest city in Islam after Mecca and Medina.

Ninety per cent of the land in Jerusalem are owned by various Churches. The Greek Orthodox Church owns 60 per cent of the land in Jerusalem. The Israeli government leases land from the Church.

We know from history that Jew, despite the diaspora created by the Roman Empire, always formed the majority in Jerusalem. Israel won’t control Jerusalem if Muslim and Christian, speaking Arabic, formed the majority in the city.

Jesus said in the Holy Bible, the Word of God on the spiritual nature of truth, that “Jerusalem will be trodden under the feet of Gentile nations — i.e. non-Jew — until the time given to them runs out”.

Jew and Culture

The Jew, for 2K years in the diaspora, toasted “next year in Jerusalem” on Passover Day. This wasn’t about Judaism but Jewish culture. It separates Jew from others. Anyone can be Jewish if they embrace Judaism but it’s more about culture, not religion per se.

There’s meaning and purpose in life if we live for others. Our true purpose in life may lie in serving others. Our happiness lies in their happiness.

In every society, there must at least some people who will stop whatever they are doing — read looking for money — and work for the collective good.

Sunnatullah, in Islam, means God’s law on cause and effect i.e. Karma the 1st eternal law based on eternal truth.

No one can escape Karma.

Karma does not exist unless we create it. The more that we fight Karma, the more that it will fight us. Karmic forces, if neutralised, exhaust themselves sooner or later.

Jesus rewrote, based on love and forgiveness, the old laws in Judaism and thereby helped neutralise Karma. Israel has gone back and now swears by “eye for an eye” and “tooth for tooth” and “those with sin casting the first stone”. Jesus declared, “let him, who is without sin, cast the first stone”.

Permanent Conflict

The 2nd rump Palestinian state may create greater permanent conflict mechanism in the Biblical Holy Land than that which followed British theft of land in India for Pakistan in 1947.

The solution in the Biblical Holy Land sees Israel as secular state and including Gaza Strip and the West Bank. The court, being court of law, cannot get into theology

The Jewish population in Israel can only be protected by “Greater” Israel having three immigration systems viz. Israel proper, Gaza Strip and West Bank.

Malaysia and China have the “one country, three immigration systems” in place.

Rule Of Law

Muslim Arabic speakers in the Biblical Holy Land will get the short end of the stick, like Native Indian in America, if they don’t accept the rule of law, human rights and international law.

All animals are equal, perhaps some more equal than others. The rule of law will help prevent discrimination. The Constitution cannot be seen as going against itself.

Old Free Palestine isn’t the only occupied state in the world suffering human rights violations. There are other people as well, from Yemen to Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Xinjiang, suffering under tyrannical rulers. — NMH

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