China Alienates Israel And America On Free Palestine Dream

Israel and India at the same time may draw closer than ever before on the Biblical Holy Land, based purely on the rule of law and bound by common values, as China signals that it can’t be with the Jewish state for peace in the Middle East!

Commentary and Analysis . . . Two video in YouTube confirm that the India-China armed conflict, mainly along the India-Tibet border which cannot be demarcated in High Country, has resumed in earnest, but this time in the Biblical Holy Land. The Israel-Hamas armed conflict has become proxy war, in a way, between India and China in the Middle East.

YouTube made the first video private. It can be viewed in whatsApp. Visit YouTube and search the following: China expert offers solutions to Middle East problems.

Israel and the US, based on the two video in which Beijing throws caution before the winds, will undoubtedly categorically reject the position taken by China on the Biblical Holy Land.

Beijing used fighting words like “Israel was occupying Palestinian land” and “the onus was on the government in Tel Aviv for peace in the Middle East”. The video concedes that many countries may be unhappy with China for publicly announcing firm policy stand on the Israel-Hamas conflict. China claims that it’s standing up for principles based on international law.

Ironically, China has so far rejected international law, as seen for example in the Southeast Asia Sea. It also rejects human rights, the basis of international law, and international law itself. China, being under dictatorship, also does not accept the rule of law.

The people of China have lost sovereignty, since 1949, as a small group at the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) in Beijing exercises absolute power.

China Risks America’s Wrath

India, based on the rule of law, can restrain America on China. It was on the same basis that India did not sign the CNTBT (Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty). The Treaty collapsed and imploded.

Trump said that India was the only nation on Earth which can put China in its place. India remains pacer nation. It can pace any nation on Earth, on anything, and beat the sxit out it.

India’s continuing rise in sports, for example, remains case in point. The border between India and Tibet, which cannot be demarcated despite China’s arbitrary attempts, was another example.

India isn’t siding with Israel. At the same time, it isn’t against Palestine.

The great majority of Arabic speaking nations are not against India. There are many people from India in Arabic speaking nations. There have also been Arabic speaking people in India for the last 2K years who habitually speak local languages.

There are no reasons why Arabic speaking nations should trust China, not only because of communism, but for many other reasons as well.

Free Palestine

Beijing, in pouring fuel on fire, disingenously declared in the two video that Israel wasn’t declared terrorist state “despite occupying Free Palestine land”. Ironically, said Beijing in allegedly adding insult after injury, “Hamas was declared terrorist state for regaining occupied land”.

It’s true that Israel seized much of the land that the UNSC (United Nations Security Council) partitioned in 1948 between the Jewish state and the rump state of Palestine. It was by conquest following allegedly unprovoked wars with neighbouring states.

The Tel Aviv government has famously declared, in virtually rubbing salt on wounds and/or rubbing the nose in the dirt, that “the loss of land was the kind of language the Palestinian will understand”.

In 1948, Israel was given 20 per cent of the land and the rump state of Palestine allowed the majority i.e. 80 per cent. Israel presently holds an estimated 80 per cent of the land the UNSC partitioned. Only 20 per cent of the land, excluding east Jerusalem, remains for the 2nd rump state of Palestine. The 20 per cent includes “legal” Jewish settlements in the West Bank and illegal Jewish outposts which may never be approved by the Israeli government.


The ICJ (International Court of Justice) and the UNSC can decide, in the wake of 7 October, whether Israel’s self-defence was disproportionate against Hamas in the Gaza Strip and whether it imposed collective restrictions on innocent people who invited no punishment. Israel has the right of self-defence under international law. Terrorism has also been defined by international law.

Hamas has been listed by the UN as terrorist organisation.

In law, the Saturday 7 October 2023 attack by Hamas on the music festival in the desert in southern Israel complies with the definition of terrorism.

Besides China, just for the benefit of those unfamiliar, Hamas and the great majority in the Arabic speaking and Muslim world, don’t accept the rule of law, human rights and international law. Islam and syariah are not law. In jurisprudence, God isn’t source in law.

America In The Box

Still, China or no China, America suddenly finds itself in digital box based on its own words, virtually self shadow banned, for saying that Israel should not rule the Gaza Strip again. Washington wants ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, albeit not immediate.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed no ceasefire until Hamas was destroyed and hostages freed. Netanyahu in fact favoured Hamas, over Fatah in the West Bank, as partner for peace.

Israel, two weeks before 7 October, was on the verge of civil war. It was reaction against the Netanyahu government for tinkering with the judicial power of the Israeli state. Judaism and zionism aren’t one and the same. Interestingly, Israel and Saudi Arabia were reportedly on the verge of rapprochement when Hamas struck.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has spoken up against Netanyahu on Palestine.

Two Calls

Many analysts have predicted for years, albeit before the war in Ukraine, that the Israeli Prime Minister would make two telephone calls if America ever turns its back on the Jewish state. The first call destination would be Moscow. New Delhi would receive the next call. It’s telling that Beijing, which sees itself as numero uno in waiting, was never in the picture.

Gaza Strip Under Israel

Netanyahu has dismissed the idea of Israel, and Hamas, ever ruling the Gaza Strip.

Instead, Netanyahu sees the Gaza Strip being under Israeli military administration, albeit permanent, unlike that in place in the West Bank after the 1967 war with neighbouring states.

Israel, allegedly lacking any humanitarian considerations, may see the Gaza Strip as scorched earth wasteland for “human animals” separated from the Jewish state by buffer zone.

The West Bank was under Jordanian administration from 1948, when the rump state of Palestine was stillborn after the 1st war with neighbouring states, until 1967. Jordan was separated by the British, before 1948 when the two state solution was recognised by the UNSC, from the Trans Jordan Palestine Mandate put in place after the Ottoman Empire fell.

Hebrew speaking Jew, before 1948, were also known as Palestinian, an administrative term codified by the Roman Empire. There were no Arabic speakers in the Biblical Holy Land during the Roman era. Originally, the later Arabic speakers probably spoke local dialects like the nomadic Bedouin (desert dweller or badawi in Arabic). There’s no Palestinian language and there was never any Palestine nation-state in history.

Common Values

Israel and India may draw closer than ever before on the Biblical Holy Land, based purely on the rule of law and bound by common values, as China signals that it can’t be with the Jewish state for peace in the Middle East.

India, based on the rule of law, may have emerged as the country with the greatest influence on Israel in the wake of China openly taking sides in the Biblical Holy Land. India, given consistent statements from its External Affairs Ministry, will not be party to illegalities ala America like pitting one country against another.

Also, arising from the British creating permanent conflict mechanism in the Indian subcontinent by stealing land from India and creating Pakistan in 1947, India feels that Israel should exercise caution on the two state solution proposed for the Biblical Holy Land.

Borders, under international law, must be defensible. Otherwise, as the war in Ukraine shows, the international community would be helpless.

Ukraine, east of the great river Dneiper running from the north and through the country before emptying into the Black Sea, was indefensible. Moscow sees eastern Ukraine as buffer zone between the expansionist US-led NATO military grouping and Russia.

India, despite areas which cannot be demarcated with Xinjiang, Tibet and Yunnan (little Tibet), has defensible borders marked by mountain, jungle and water.

China, geography having been unkind, lies open and exposed. It owns no waters. It has declared ownership of the Southeast Asia Sea, off Borneo, almost in its entirety.

Likewise, Israel has no defensible borders with its neighbours except in the Golan Heights with Syria, the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. The 7 October Hamas attack provides living proof of Israel’s vulnerability. The Tel Aviv government, exercising bragging rights, claims it has Iron Dome against missile and rocket attacks. It has hinted at having nuclear arsenal.

Losing Battles

Israel risks fighting losing battles in the long run in the disputed West Bank and the vacated Gaza Strip. It may win the war but not the peace.

Ultimately, peace in the Biblical Holy Land will depend on Palestine recognising Israel. It’s not, as China suggested, that peace will break out if the onus was on the Tel Aviv government.

Hamas has been reported as saying that it doesn’t care if the Gaza Strip no longer exists. If so, it wants no two state solution.

The one state solution, taking the cue from India on avoiding permanent conflict mechanism in the Biblical Holy Land, may be more feasible if there are three immigration systems. It will protect Israel, as the Jewish state, from being swamped and overwhelmed by Arabic speakers.

Malaysia and China have “one country, three immigration systems” in place. — NMH

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