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E-Waste: The Afterlife Of Electronic And Electrical Equipment

E-waste is a threat that is possibly bigger than plastic wastes to the entire ecosystem. There is a need to recognise these growing global hazard and find ways to deal with it.

Najib Judicial Review On House Arrest To Take Centrestage

Former Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has proven, based on strong circumstantial evidence, that Agong's Decree on House Arrest exists and that he merits benefit of the doubt on the matter!

Dolphins Back To Sea, Two Dead In New Zealand Dramatic Rescue

New Zealand has highest dolphins, whales stranding rate in the world Seven dolphins, stranded on a remote beach in New Zealand, managed to head out...

Australia Part Of Asia, Minister Says On Visit To Malaysian Birthplace

Wong's father won scholarship from Australian to study architecture at the University of Adelaide, which meant he could climb out of the poverty he...

FT Deputy Minister Returns From NZ, Under House Quarantine

PETALING JAYA: Deputy Federal Territories Minister, Edmund Santhara who is under fire for leaving the country during MCO, has returned from New Zealand. FMT reports...

Should We Capitalise On The Exuberance Of Youth?

By Azhar Kurai One of the things that The Umpire learned early in life is to be nice to people when you are on your...