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Rosmah And Najib Allegedly Smeared In Court On Various Charges

The cases in court against Rosmah, was allegedly based ala Trial by Media on building up public perceptions against former Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, in particular, as he seeks freedom from arbitrary detention as political prisoner!

UK 2024 Eerie Similarities With GE15 And Modi 2024

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak would have done better in UK 2024 if he had pushed through legislation in Parliament on runoff if there were more than two parties in the fray in any seat!

Just Deal With It, Folks. Inflation Is Here To Stay

Screaming at the government every day is not going to change our lives and changing the guards too has proven to be disastrous Everyone is...

Is Mulan (2020) Good Chinese-American Dish Camouflaging As Chinese Cuisine?

By Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi On 19 June 1998, the film Mulan was released to theatres worldwide. The animated film by Walt Disney Pictures was a...

Who Dares, Wins. Think Big, Start Small And Act Fast.

By Clement Woo Dongguan, China My first trip to Dongguan City was about 14 years ago, slightly after Chinese New Year.  The weather then was very...

Stereotyping Chinese

By Mak Khuin Weng Disclaimer: This article is not meant to disparage any individual. It is a critique of how the Chinese as a society...