Malaysians welcome 2019 in sombre mood

Kuala Lumpur KLCC View
Kuala Lumpur KLCC View

In stark contrast to 2017 ending, Malaysians ushered in the new year in darker mood mainly due to the New Malaysia they wanted isn’t the one they got.

Malaysians who voted for change but they experienced surges in their cost of living and loss of jobs. The Malaysian Ringgit has nose dived spectacularly since the general election where we saw the Chinese dominated DAP party working with former dictator turned friend Mahathir Mohammed to deliver astonishing victory.

The euphoria of New Malaysia was short lived as immediately the newly minded government manufactured a RM 1 trillion debts and blamed the previous government and its failure to deliver manifesto promises. Many Malaysians lost patience with the new government as the Prime Minister Mahathir appealed for patience. He too seems to be focused on his 1MDB witch-hunt while the ex PM Najib Razak took to Facebook. 

Malaysians businesses too supported losses to the constant flip flop with the massive GST reversal, with Malaysia being the first country ever to go back to the inferior SST. Many have been quietly letting go of staff as customers dwindled. Investors have been pulling out at record rate since the elections.

The lack of direction of the Pakatan Harapan Government and constant blame shifting worries even the most ardent New Malaysia hopefuls. Just weeks ago Prime Minister Mahathir welcomed UMNO defectors, a move that quickly earned ire of many Malaysians who accused Mahathir of creating another UMNO. 

All in all 2019 is going to be a difficult year for many Malaysians especially those who are from the lower income group. Perhaps it’s time for Pakatan Harapan to reflect on their dismal performance and aim higher.

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