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Altantuyaa The Need For Public Inquiry On Twilight Zone

Disgraced Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri allegedly confessed about extraordinary happenings in the twilight zone before Mongolian model Altantuyaa Shaariibuugiin was blown up!

The Prime Minister is still incarcerated, isn’t he?

This time round, Anwar Ibrahim is in the shackles put in place by his own ‘unity government’ partners. Having spent so many years being incarcerated...

In Singapore, more landlords seek tenants who do not work from home: like ‘being invaded’

It is especially common for single-room rentals, as landlords want to avoid the hassle of splitting the utility bill, especially if tenants are home...

Anwar Struggles To Boost Malaysian Economy A Year After Victory

Rising food prices and weak currency hamper reform plans of PM Anwar

From Malaysia to Gaza By Nurul Izzah Anwar & Dr Yolanda Augustin

Apart from the Gaza focus, we should also look at improving the lives of the remaining Palestinians in Malaysia - Nurul Izzah

LETTER | Judiciary – One Shocking Revelation After Another And The World Watches

A judiciary cannot exist without the trust and confidence of the people. Judges must, therefore, be held accountable for legal and ethical standards - R S Thanenthiran

Matthew Perry Laid To Rest In LA, Mourned By Friends

Actor Matthew Perry, who died on 28 October at age 54, was laid to rest on Friday at a Los Angeles cemetery in a service attended by relatives and castmates from the hit 1990s television sitcom Friends, show business media reported, citing photographs.

Wan Junaidi: No One Cared About Sarawak Until Najib Became PM

Sarawak started getting the attention it truly deserved during Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s administration, said the Dewan Negara president.

It’s Official! Sultan Of Johor Is Malaysia’s Next King

In a unique rotational monarchy, the Sultan of Johor will be installed as the country's next King and hold the largely ceremonial post for five years, while Sultan Perak is Deputy King

Republican Hopes For American “Red Wave” Dashed By Abortion & Trump

Republicans remained on track to seize control of the U.S. House of Representatives – as had long been predicted – but by narrower margins, than had been forecast.

Climate Compensation Is On The Agenda At COP27 For The First Time

Much of the tension at COP27 is expected to relate to loss and damage - funds provided by wealthy nations to vulnerable lower-income countries that bear little responsibility for climate-warming emissions.

Death Threats Intensify As America Enters Midterm Elections

Since the 2020 election, news organisations like Reuters have documented more than 1,000 intimidating messages to election officials across America, including more than 120 that could warrant prosecution, according to legal experts.

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan Injured In Convoy Attack

"With an automatic weapon, a man opened fire. Several people have been injured. Imran Khan has also been injured "According to Asad Umar. Khan was rushed to the hospital.