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Revolusi Sukan Udara Malaysia Melalui Aplikasi SAMS

Pelancaran SAMS dilihat sebagai satu peristiwa bersejarah dalam ke arah menjadikan Malaysia sebagai hab sukan udara di rantau ini, memberi inspirasi kepada generasi atlet dan peminat sukan udara di masa akan datang agar sukan ini bertambah cemerlang, dari segi penyertaan dan pertandingan di peringkat kebangsaan juga antarabangsa.

Tun Hanif Omar, Retired IGP, Laid To Rest

There is a Malay saying, that when a tiger dies, it leaves behind its stripes. But when a man dies, he leaves behind his deeds. Today, one such man, Retired IGP, Tun Hanif Omar, left us.

Malaysia’s lower living costs, MM2H visa, anti-Israel stance are luring expats – but can they stay long term?

Muslims from Canada to the UK are seeking to move to multicultural Malaysia for its pro-Palestinian stance and ‘liberating’ environment for believers Its affordability and...

How The Western Media Helped Build The Case For Genocide In Gaza

From obscuring the West’s role in starving Gaza to sensationalised accounts of mass rape by Hamas, journalists are playing the role of propagandists, not...

The NatWest Boss, The Missing Malaysian Billions And The Damning Email

Rick Haythornthwaite stonewalled investigator on the trail of ‘world’s biggest financial scandal’ On a summer’s day in 2009 on the sparkling waters of the French...

Why Is Malaysia Run Like A MLM?

The writer of this article and first published in the Malay Mail, Erna Mahyuni, says that 2024 feels like it happened 20 years ago. Malaysia Madani seems to be backtracking

1MDB: Jasmine Loo Nafi Ada Perjanjian Supaya Tuduhan Terhadapnya Digugurkan

Ketika disoal siasat, bekas pengarah 1MDB itu berkata bahawa dia tidak mengetahui butir-butir mengenai pertuduhan terhadapnya dan menyerahkan kepada peguamnya untuk menelitinya. Dalam perbicaraan 1MDB-Tanore...

Fall Of Ringgit Puts Central Bank, Government On Alert

Country 'ready' to intervene after currency (ringgit) hits lowest level since Asian crisis

Rents highlight Australia’s economic Achilles heel, but it’s not what you might think

There's no doubt many renters are in a world of pain right now. CoreLogic data shows asking rents jumped 8.3 per cent last year, after...

The Housing Crisis Won’t Be Fixed By Pretend Policies

Our housing availability and affordability problem is having perverse effects on work, intergenerational mobility, entrepreneurship, fertility and family formation.

Journalist Nabil Al-Nashar shares clip of ‘casual racism’

An ABC journalist has called out the “casual racism” he experiences on the job in a new video filmed while working. A video has exposed...

‘Very broken housing system’: More high-income earners stuck in rent trap

More people earning a higher income are caught in a rental trap as house prices soar, unless they have the help of the bank...

The tactics Coles and Woolworths use to maintain their power over Australia’s grocery market

Coles and Woolworths say they're looking out for you – they are the fresh food people or the home of everyday low prices. But this...