Adib deserves justice

When the Seafield temple fighting resulted in a huge gathering of Hindu followers, many of those that took to the street probably did not expect the issue would explode into something much bigger.

Then enter Adib. Several protesters began to burn some vehicles, resulting in the fire brigade being called into to contain the fire. He didn’t go to put out fire as he was part of the emergency medical service, paramedic if you may.

What happened next still remains controversial. Depending whose side that you listen to, you will hear that he was either beaten up, or knocked down by the fire truck.

Regardless, young Adib was badly injured. And days after fighting for his life, he finally succumbed to his injuries. And his mortal remains were transported home on the very day that he was supposed to return to his hometown for his akad nikah.

The suspects of his beating were released on bail just days before he succumbed to his injuries. And not to soon after his passing, they were believed to have gone missing.

There was a disquiet hardening of the society, especially within the more traditional Malay segments. The failure to arrest Adib’s alleged killers, with murder a non-bailable offence, has had hardened their resolve. To them, it is a betrayal of justice. Betrayal of their trust.

They see that the Attorney-General Office as being in cahoots with the protesters, regardless if it is true or otherwise. Together with the concurrent anti-ICERD demonstration, the feeling is definitely palpable. The Government had let down the Malays.

In their haste to release these suspects with bail, had they inadvertently turned Adib into the new Teoh Beng Hock?

May the Almighty bless the soul of Adib, that he be in peace and be placed amongst the righteous. For he had given his life for the sake of others.

And may those responsible for his death, be brought to justice.

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