BN wins Cameron Highland by-election

Barisan Nasional’s Ramli Mohd Nor bulldozed through with majority more than 3000 votes over Pakatan Harapan’s M. Manogaran. Ramli also makes history as the first Orang Asli to be elected Member of Parliament.

The election also proved that the Barisan Nasional’s engine team with MCA and MIC worked flawlessly with UMNO and PAS delivering the win. This spells great news with for the coalition and will be a great confidence boost for upcoming Rantau and Semenyih.

On Pakatan Harapan’s side all was not well. From the nomination day to the campaign period Pakatan big guns were brought in often at times over shadowing M. Manogaran their candidate. 

But the message was not about the by-election but rather another anti-Najib campaign. Many voters have been used to this overused strategy since GE14. DAP too offended the Orang Asli by offering them to make them full citizens of Malaysia. There was no real offer to the people of Cameron Highlands on what Pakatan Haparan could do for them other than attacking “kleptocrat” Najib. It was clear that panic had set in as soon as Najib walked into the campaign grounds.

The message is clear. For Barisan Nasional teamwork is absolute paramount if they want to win Rantau and Semenyih. For Pakatan Harapan, they need to work on their policies and not ignore the voters. Voters are still upset over the non delivery of the manifesto and dismal effort on key electorate needs such as education. Attacking Barisan Nasional and Najib will not work anymore. 

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