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Two Fairy Tales for the New Normal by Hang Kasturi

<strong>Many more stories fairy tales for fairies in office and others<strong> Image by Devanath from Pixabay

The first is called The Boy Who Cried Wolf

In this famous fable, a stupid boy, bored of taking care of his sheep in the farm decided to have fun with his fellow residents or villagers. One day, he ran to the village shouting: “Wolf!!! Wolf!!!”. Believing him, the villagers dropped everything and rushed to the farm only to find nothing amiss. The boy laughed out loud, watching the villagers rushing to the farm and searching for the non-existent wolf. The villagers gave up searching for the wolf and returned home.

Three weeks later, the boy was bored again. He once again ran hard to the village and began shouting the words: ” Wolf! Wolf!!!” And the villagers, who still believed this boy quickly rushed to the farm with their weapons in hope to kill the dreaded wolf. Once again, there wasn’t any. No wolf. The boy laughed at them. The villagers shook their heads and returned home.

Then October 13 came along. The boy, as usual was looking after his 120 sheep grazing on his family land. Suddenly, out in the corner of his eyes, a huge black crouching figure appeared and rushed towards the sheep. The sheep bleat loudly and ran away from the wolf. The boy panicked and ran immediately to the village and screamed for help.

<strong>A wolf in sheeps clothing for a shepherd who cries wolf <strong> Image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay

“Wolf! Wolf!” he screamed. But no one was interested. They carried on with their work and lives and basically ignored him. “Help me!! There’s a wolf attacking my sheep!! Please help me!” The villagers still ignored him. They have had enough of his lies. They have had enough of letting the boy making fools of them. Wolf or no wolf, they were not interested.

At the end of the day, the boy returned to his farm. The wolf has gone. His 120 sheep have disappeared. Some killed, some eaten, some ran away, some jumped to another farm. He stood there looking at the empty farm, then fell to his knees and cried.

Then he stopped crying and decided that he will teach the villagers a lesson for not believing in him and his 120 sheep. They will soon pay.


The second fairy tale or fable is called The Prime Minister-to-be’s New Clothes.

<strong>The new edition of Atoks Fables with the new twist on the old Emperors Clothes story <strong> Image by Simone Holland from Pixabay

A couple of conmen know that they can make a lot of money by tricking this Prime Minister-wannabe guy, a known narcissist. So they make known to this leader that they are the world’s greatest tailors and are currently making a suit for him that is one of a kind.

The leader is elated. He can’t wait to see the new suit that he would wear once he becomes PM. After paying an enormous sum of money for a suit that he has not yet seen, he is brought to the special dressing room by the two conmen tailors for the final fitting.

“This is the suit we made for you, Sir,” said the conman named Lim showing a mannequin that is obviously bare. No suit, no pants, nothing.

“What suit? I don’t see any suit,” the Prime Minister-in-waiting replies, feeling a bit confused.

“Nooo…this is a special suit, Sir,” the other one named Azmin adds. “You see, it is made out of a special and mystical fabric that only people who are loyal to the country, to their parties and to friends can see the suit.”

“Really?” The Prime Minister-to-be asks suspiciously.

“Yes…and also according to the legend, only people who are gay cannot see the suit.” Azmin adds.

“Oh….Ahhh..yes…yes….now I can see the suit…It’s beautiful,” the Prime Minister nods in agreement and smiling awkwardly.

The two conmen then mimed their actions as if they are putting the invisible suit on the now eager PM (still in waiting).

“Yes…a perfect fit…our best work so far,” Lim announces. “More beautiful than the tunnel I built last year.”

“You built a tunnel?” the wannabe PM queried.

“Yes…I did. And I used a similar material…invisible to a lot of people except those who believe in me,” Lim replies confidently.

“It does look elegant on you, Mr Prime Minister,” praised Azmin, boosting their client’s ego.

“I agree,” quips the future PM, smiling wide looking at himself in front of the mirror. “Now I can go to the Palace looking smart in this suit and present proof that the whole country supports me as the PM. Yes…yes…this suit is perfect.”

With that, the man who has never stopped wanting to be PM walks out of the store naked and goes to the Palace in his usual confident and proud self.

The rest is history. – New Malaysia Herald

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