Getting A Sip Of Its Own Medicine. Karma Rocks

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By Yuktes Vijay

In 1982, in a major foreign policy address delivered at Westminster Palace before the British Parliament, US President Ronald Reagan announced the creation of a US entity that would foster liberal ideology, market economy (neoliberalism), and US-styled “democracy”.

Under the Reagan administration in 1983, the NED was founded to “support democracy in other countries.” What supporting democracy in other countries actually meant was to “enforce” regime change in countries that are not “US-friendly”.

NED, which cleverly disguises itself as a non-profit institution. receives more than 90 percent of its annual budget from the U.S. government. The official data states that this funding amount from the US government is around USD 150 million of tax payers money. The actual figure however is touted to be in the estimate of at least USD 1 billion as NED, despite being state funded also harvests funds from dodgy philanthropists like George Soros who had pledged billions via his Open Society Foundation.

The Mayhem Funds

<strong>The attack on the US Capital clearly shows how tainted the US democracy is And take note that this rioting was not sponsored by any outside parties like NED<strong> Photo Credit <a href=httpstaskandpurposecomanalysiscapitol riots veterans divided data type=URL data id=httpstaskandpurposecomanalysiscapitol riots veterans divided target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener>taskandpurposecom<a>

Armed with billions, the US government can dictate, and at times recreate, the political scenario of any country. The funds are given to NGOs in the name of democracy, fairness and righteousness. Giving funds on that pretext cannot be disputed right? Who in the right mind would be against democracy exercises and risk being labelled a Communist stooge?

These NGOs in the name of democracy and civil liberties then conjure plans to serve the foreign policy interests of the United States. In other words, they become a US tool to settle political “scores” in countries around the world.

Forget about NED induced Arab Spring or the Hong Kong riots. We have to merely see how NED funded organisations like Bersih, C4 and Malaysiakini to comprehend how slickly this operative works.

For instance, back in 2013, then BERSIH chairman vehemently disputed the results of GE13 by spreading fake news about Blackout and Bangladeshi voters. These malicious propaganda clearly was in line with the official narrative of the US government which was to question if at all GE13 was a fair and clean election according to “US standards”.

These propaganda caused unwanted drama. Nothing else. Their guling guling (rolling on the streets to protest) antics put a question mark over the the political stability of a country and we have first hand experience of it, thanks to BERSIH’s dirty game.

Karma Is A Bitch

The 2008 Obama campaign released a fact sheet that declared “Barack Obama and Joe Biden….will significantly increase funding for the National Endowment for Democracy (NED)….”. Thereafter Senator Joe Biden, for the 20th anniversary of the NED in 2003, co-sponsored a resolution supporting and reaffirming the mission of the NED.

Being a staunch and vocal supporter of NED and it’s meddling of other countries politics, it’s poetic justice indeed that Joe Biden would be assuming Presidency amidst accusations of this Presidential election being the worst and dirtiest ever in American history.

And for the first time ever and an incident that is sure to make it into the US history pages, a violent mob stormed the US Capitol last Wednesday and forced lawmakers into hiding. It was without a doubt a vicious attempt to overturn America’s presidential election, undercut the nation’s democracy and keep Democrat Joe Biden from replacing Trump in the White House.

It was a sight to behold as elected representatives scrambled to safety and hid under their desks while donning gas masks. The police futilely tried to barricade the building as this ambush quickly became one of the most jarring scenes ever to unfold in a seat of American political power.

A woman was shot and killed inside the Capitol. Washington’s mayor instituted an evening curfew in an attempt to contain the violence.

Everything the US had done had come back to bite them twice harder. And the fact that its happening during the inauguration of a vocal regime change advocate in Biden is merely icing on the cake.

As such, I suggest that Donald Trump is given a ‘Tunship‘ for this jasa (contribution) of his. – New Malaysia Herald

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