The Truth About An Assassination Of A Palestinian In Malaysia

Who Was Responsible, Really?

Dr. Fadi Al-Batsh: Martyr of Palestine in Malaysia

On Saturday, 12 June 2021, marked four weeks since the 73rd anniversary of the Nakba Massacre, the beginning of the Palestinian Holodomor, so please let’s send our prayers to Palestine and Palestinian Refugees and help them with their Jihad (Islamic Struggle) against the Jews.

Now, let’s talk about the assassination of a Palestinian in Malaysia some three years ago. The two gunmen on a bike (their names are never revealed) who killed him were allegedly Mossad terrorists who had orchestrated everything. The assassination was carried out on 21 April 2018, weeks before Mahathir’s reinstatement as 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia and the victim’s name is Dr. Fadi Mohammad al-Batsh. This also happened during the run up to the 14th General Election of which the then Prime Minister, Datuk Sri Najib Tun Razak was facing all kinds of attacks from the opposition and the outside world.

You may be asking: “but Malaysia banned Israeli passports and never recognized Israel, so how can Mossad kill a Palestinian in our country?” It’s a rather complicated issue where even a lot of “truth seekers” couldn’t understand.

Firstly, however, let’s look at the history of relations between Israel and other countries and their passport policies, and see if it has anything to do with this assassination, shall we?

Its been more than three years since al Batsh was martyred and there is still no justice for him and his family 124news pic

Passport And Visa Policies

At this point, let me remind you that Malaysia does not allow entry to Israeli passports nor Passports with Israel stamps in general. However, exceptional entry is possible under Malaysian law and in addition to a visa, a clearance permit should be obtained from the Ministry of Home Affairs prior to arrival in Malaysia. This ban is enforced to prevent Jewish terrorists and non-Jewish Zionists from infiltrating Malaysia as part of Muslim solidarity with the victims of Palestinian Holodomor. To foreigners, for more information about this ban, do visit your national embassy and see their response, they will give you much better and more accurate advice than your friend or the internet.

On the other hand, Malaysians can visit Jewish-occupied Jerusalem for religious reasons because Jerusalem is home to the holiest site in Christianity and Masjid Al-Aqsa, one of the holiest sites in Islam. Malaysia allows Malaysian Muslims to visit Jewish-occupied Jerusalem by entering through Jordan and not visit cities like Tel Aviv. Besides, the pilgrims can stay in Jewish-occupied Jerusalem for only two weeks. Malaysian Christians on the other hand, can also visit Jewish-occupied Jerusalem for religious purposes. In 2009, the government completely banned all visits to Jewish-occupied zones for two years because of the Palestinian Genocide before it was lifted in 2011, albeit with restrictions such as a quota of 700 pilgrims per year with not more than 40 pilgrims per church group. Pilgrims must be at least 18 years of age and not visiting Jewish-occupied zones more than once every three years with each stay a maximum 10 days. The first Malaysian travel agent visit to Jewish-occupied Palestinian zones was in 1995.

Israeli passport holders are allowed to visit three countries close to Malaysia without a visa, namely Singapore, the Philippines and Thailand, where citizens of these countries don’t need a visa to visit Malaysia. Other countries that dont need a visa to visit Malaysia where Israeli passports are legal are Russia, Canada, EU nations, Turkey, Jordan, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Serbia, Bosnia, Brazil, Argentina, Cambodia, Myanmar, India, China, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, USA and many more nations.

Speculations On This Infiltration Of Malaysia

You may be asking again: “but Aidel, what does this have to do with the assassination?” There could be a few speculations on how the assassins infiltrated Malaysia easily. The first speculation, alleged Mossad terrorists used fake Malaysian passports to pretend they “returned to Malaysia”. The second speculation, Mossad terrorists used fake Thai or Singaporean passports to blend in with other Thai or Singaporean passport holders visiting Malaysia. The third speculation, Mossad terrorists infiltrated Malaysia using the passports of a nation with some of the most ruthless Zionist government agencies in history.

That said, fake passports of a nation with other Zionist government agencies could be American, Russian, Indian, Chinese, Australian, New Zealander, Turkish or any EU Nation. The fourth and most correct ‘speculation’ is that the Mossad terrorists used forged Balkan passports and the passports could probably be Turkish, Greek, Albanian, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Croatian, Cypriot, Slovenian, Romanian, Kosovar, Serbian, Montenegrin or “North Macedonian”. Regardless of which speculations you believe, it doesn’t change the fact that al-Batsh was killed by two Mossad terrorists on a motorcycle who probably fled to Tel Aviv, Athens or other cities. The terrorist’s names are never revealed until this day.

So, why was the Palestinian you are referencing allegedly killed by Mossad?” It’s because Mossad is still carrying out the Palestinian Holodomor, they want the Muslim world to become useless when it comes to this genocide, Palestinian militants are well known for justified attacks on Jewish terrorists pretending to be ‘civilians’, the Palestinian I referenced, al-Batsh was a miltiary scientist, engineer and drone expert and Mossad fears if he was spared, Malaysians will have more knowledge on how to make military drones, then try to make them and bomb Tel Aviv and the Jews. This assassination was one of the most shocking assassinations in Malaysian history because no one expected Mossad to assassinate their target in Malaysia, which in turn took everyone by surprise when it comes to the country. In any case, Mossad has always been paranoid about The Palestinian Diaspora since the beginning.

Then Inspector General of Royal Malaysian Police Mohamad Fuzi Harun shows off two images of suspects of killing of a Palestinian professor al Batsh during a press conference in Kuala Lumpur on Monday April 23 2018 AP


In conclusion, the Palestinian genocide is carried out in not just Palestine, but in the rest of the world, the United Nations aka USELESS NATIONS, Bashar Al Assad aka Bashqueer Al Mossad, the Organization of ‘Islamic’ Cooperation and the ‘Arab’ League are too useless to stop this, Palestinians are losing allies every day, Mossad is paranoid since the creation of the agency and they fear that if Hadi Muhammad al-Batsh wasn’t assassinated, Malaysians and Palestinians would’ve had a bigger advantage against the Jews.

Thank you for reading this. Here’s a poser for you: Do you think Mossad is capable of another assassination in Malaysia? And do you think that this assassination shocked you the most? Mind you, there were also other infiltration attempts by Mossad terrorists using forged passports including in New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland and Mexico.New Malaysia Herald

Note: The opinion expressed in this article is that of the writer’s and do not necessarily reflect the stand of the New Malaysia Herald.

About the writer: Aidel Morshidi is a 19-year old with Aspergers and has a keen interest in world affairs. Being on the Autism Spectrum does not prevent him from trying his luck in the much-extended SPM exams although he had spent three years in special education.

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