Najib Is Free To Go Anywhere in Penang, PCM Hits Out At PCCC Chief


PCM President Huan Cheng Guan questioned the organisation’s motif of their political attack on Najib

Parti Cinta Malaysia (PCM) slammed the Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce (PCCC) President Hong Yeam Wah over the latter’s statement that former premier Najib Razak was not welcomed in Penang.

Speaking to NMH, PCM President Huan Cheng Guan said Najib is free to go anywhere in Penang to meet the people as he was the country’s sixth prime minister, and no one can stop him from doing so.

“(Datuk Sri) Najib was the former prime minister, and he is free to meet the people in Penang.

“Why is Hong so afraid of Najib’s visit to Penang?” Huan questioned the PCCC’s chief state of mind and said the organisation should be apolitical.

The former Batu Kawan parliamentarian said PCCC should concentrate on thinking of giving ideas on how to revive the economy to whichever party helms the state or the federal government.

“They (PCCC) should think and give suggestions to the present government on how to revive the present gloomy economy. Many industry players are suffering because of this. But this organisation prefers to play politics.

Adding on, Huan praised Najib’s administration and said people were very much better off during his tenure.

“People could still survive during Najib’s time. Unlike now, many businesses are suffering, while individuals are facing a tough time in managing their daily upkeep.

“Najib knows what to do for the people. His people-centric assistance says it all,” Huan said referring to BRIM and all the assistance given to the people under the 1Malaysia programme.

Chinese Support Towards BN Increasing Gradually

When asked about the Chinese community’s support towards BN, Huan said it is increasing gradually.

“Yes, the Chinese community are coming to back to BN slowly. They can see for themselves the difference between BN and Pakatan Harapan (PH) administration.

If this and other photos on his trip to Penang are anything to go by then it really looks like the Chinese Community are warming up to BN all over again Photo credit Najib Razak FB

“After 2018, many small and medium entrepreneurs are suffering.

“The Chinese community knows PH is all about revenge, not about finding solutions to bread and butter issues,” Huan said, pointing out the overwhelming support Najib received in Penang on his latest visit.

“Look at how the Chinese community received Najib, just look at the videos and pictures on how they greeted him like a celebrity. I think that answers all the questions on the Chinese support,” Huan said.

On Saturday (26 March), Hong, who claimed to be speaking on behalf of the Penang Chinese business community said they will never welcome or invite “corrupt” politicians to the state or any of its events.

News portal Malaysiakini quoted Hong as saying the association members had neither invited nor welcomed Najib who made a trip to Penang on Friday (25 March).

Hong also appeared incensed that another person claimed to have acted on behalf of Penang’s ethnic Chinese business community on Friday referring to The Federation of Malaysia Zhang Clan Association president Anthony Chang Wei Loon.

Chang, who was the former PCCC president back in 2018, reportedly claimed that the Penang Chinese community missed Najib’s leadership.

Najib with members of The Federation of Malaysia Zhang Clan Association during his visit to Penang Photo credit Najib Razak FB

The PCCC president did not want to comment on other Penang community leaders who endorsed Najib, telling the portal that it was “their business” to do so.

Najib was on a two-day visit to the island and presented a keynote address at the Penang International Business and Investment Summit (PIBIS) on Friday (25 March).

In his keynote address at the investment summit, Najib had said the Chinese community is hungry for a change, after poor management by the PH government which has been in power since 2008.

Treated like a celebrity at election campaigns in Johor and Melaka, Najib received a rousing welcome in Penang, a state where he had been booed during the 2013 general election campaign.

Later on, after the investment summit, Najib rubbed shoulders with Chinese community clan leaders and conducted walkabouts at a clan jetty, a popular food court and at a night market.

Najib received red-carpet treatment and was mobbed by large crowds at all the events, with many wanting to take photographs with the Member of Parliament for Pekan. – New Malaysia Herald

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