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Rule Of Law In Malaysia Lacks Education For Skills

Law practice and court room skills ultimately come from the power of language, wide reading, ability to think, and ability to fathom the judge's thinking on the rule of law!

Prime Minister Change Based On ‘No Anwar, No DAP’ Mantra

There's no reason why former Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, backed by 'siapa menang, kami sokong' (we support whoever wins) Sabah and Sarawak, cannot head list of candidates in Parliament for next premiership!

PM Anwar Gives Agong ‘Green Light’ On Pardon For Najib

Agong can act on Pardon for former Prime Minister Najib Razak, with or without advice from Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, and without giving reasons! Commentary...

UMNO, Except For Zahid, Against Anwar Ibrahim And DAP

DAP, in a candid moment, exposed its own ‘secret’ plans and Hidden Agenda against UMNO by conceding in the media that it was looking...

Media Should Not ‘Distort’ Court Ruling In Reporting

If media degenerates into sensationalism based on click baits on court cases, the public perceptions built up by the 'false' narrative may mislead the...

Voting In Lembah Pantai. What Say The Bangsar Bubble Set?

I don't really like to interview politicians - they are so guarded when being interviewed. I like to make my own observations and share my thoughts and opinions - whether you agree or not, that's your choice. It is, after all, a democratic country and on Saturday, Malaysians will vote for their choice of government. As I will be doing in Lembah Pantai

Nothing New In PH Manifesto, Vague On Borneo And Corruption

Except for the Barisan Nasional (BN) Concept, it's unlikely that the Manifesto of other parties in the fray for GE15 would be dramatically different from that announced by Pakatan Harapan (PH)!

Political Parties Must Embrace ‘Collective Good’ As Raison d’Etre

If leaders of political parties abandon culture of taking 'safe seats', the number can increase in the legislature!

DAP Predicts Ismail Sabri Won’t Be PM After GE15

Ismail Sabri, having allegedly made unforgiveable blunders before and after dissolution of Parliament, can't be Prime Minister after GE15!

Rakyat Dikhianati Akibat Politik Ciplak Bersatu dan PN

Bersatu dan PN wujud daripada pengkhianatan politik yang berlaku ke atas BN dan PH

PRU15: Sebulan Lagi Untuk Dapatkan Kerajaan Baru

Penuh harapan kami bahawa keputusan PRU15 ini tidak akan membawa pada penukaran PM sebanyak tiga kali dalam satu penggal

Malay Voters Want Immediate Pardon For Najib Given Agong’s Discretion

Malay voters' 'benefits in Constitution' isn't corruption, MACC's take on former Prime Minister seen as 'malicious'!

Where Were You The Night BN Lost?

Now that GE15 will be held anytime soon, NMH is running a series of articles to remind readers about what happened to the country after BN lost power. Today, members of the editorial team that was assembled long after PH took over power, share their thoughts.