Brave New World Can Emerge After Dust Settles in Ukraine

Refugees - Russia-Ukraine War
Refugees - Russia-Ukraine War

Zelensky of Ukraine should avoid American trap, end chaos in country

In the wake of push coming to shove, the onus may be on the beleaguered Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine, to avoid further destruction in his country and the continuing refugee crisis.

He should keep a good distance from the Americans on the current “security crisis” in Ukraine. See video here . . .

It cannot be denied that many nations, including India, China, and Malaysia, among others, don’t see any Russian invasion. If there was invasion, it would be a rule of law issue, and a violation of international law in so many areas.

Zelensky should order the Ukrainian Army to stop fighting in the country and go back to the barracks. This may be a “method in madness” approach but it will work. Russian President Valdimir Putin may have to go back to the drawing board and sue for peace.

Presidents Putin Russia and Zelensky Ukraine yet to meet but the White House are working on it

Mr A will only stop bullying Mr B when he realises that he’s suffering more than the other side. See here. And here.

The UN Security Council, UN General Assembly and the International Court of Justice (ICJ), working together, can get the Russians to stop rattling Ukraine. India and China can urge Russia to exercise restraint.

Putin, as alleged in the western media in recent days, may not have misjudged anything on Ukraine. His objective may not have been invasion and annexation. He saw an opportunity to rattle Ukraine for reasons which will soon become clear. Putin may have deliberately set out to disorient and confuse Ukrainians and create chaos in the country. See here.

Russia’s “success” on Ukraine will probably force NATO to exclude the neighbour next door from the organisation and focus on internal security in the areas west.

Global Security Framework

At the end of the day, the global security framework created by Trump should be brought back in supporting the UN Security Council. The framework was led by the US and included, in order of importance, India, China, Russia and Japan.

The global security framework, restored post-Ukraine, can only have the same players but probably it can no longer be led by the US. The leadership of the framework can only be collective and multilateral based on the consensus principle i.e. no voice against.

The UK and France, colonial relics of World War II, should be removed in a long overdue move as permanent members of the UN Security Council. The UK can be replaced by India to represent the Commonwealth of Nations based on the defunct British Empire. Germany can speak up on behalf of EU and NATO.

The US should remove itself from NATO as it’s redundant on internal security involving the EU and the UK. It’s high time for the US troops in Europe to go home.

The war mongering UK-US Special Relationship, which Trump ended, should be buried once and for all. It will do away with the risk of new wars breaking out everywhere.

The QUAD of Navies in the Indo-Pacific Theatre can be expanded to include China and Russia. At present, it’s confined to the US, India, Japan and Australia.

Great Nation, Great People

China is a great nation, the Chinese a great people, but unfortunately it couldn’t defend itself. It has always been ruled by foreigners throughout history.

India and Russia believe that China should be allowed to do what it can best do for the world economy. A prosperous China will be good for the whole world including America, India and Russia. Beijing feels that Washington wants to “contain” China. So, there’s no reason for China to urge Russia to exercise restraint in Ukraine. See here . . .

Russia and China may not confine themselves to internal security. Again, China feels threatened by America and its allies. Russia sees NATO as not confining itself to internal security.

India will not be party to illegalities like pitting one country against another.

India, protected by geography, winter, water, Blue Water Navy, the best mountain fighting brigades in the world, and by 1.4b people, will focus on internal security.

The idea of India remains a phenomenon with no parallels in history.

India, which subscribes to the rule of law, is the largest democracy in history, is dysfunctional, and the greatest functioning anarchy in the world. Indian take to the streets, for any number of reasons, on issues.

The idea of India may be a mouthful but it works. It’s indigestible to friends and foes alike.

Human Relationships

The nature of human relationships can be regulated by law, applicable universally if declared, and other approaches which can be described as law applicable in specific circumstances i. e. either by mutual agreement between parties in dispute on issues in conflict, or by a party in dispute looking for the law and pointing it out and the court finding the law and declaring it.

Law, in jurisprudence, does not exist. It only exists if we create it.

Even if law exists, it will cease to exist as if it never existed, and if it exists ceases to exist, if it’s bad law, it’s invalid and has been duly declared, it’s not enforced, cannot be enforced, is widely flouted, and there’s selective prosecution and selective persecution.

Likewise Karma, superstition or no superstition, does not exist. It only exists if we create it.

Karma — the law of cause and effect — is the 1st eternal law based on eternal truth.

For want of better terms, what others do to us is their Karma. How we react is our Karma i.e. if we react.

We can deduce by extrapolation, and logical deduction, that Karmic forces exhaust themselves sooner or later if we accept them and thereby neutralise them. Then, it becomes a waiting game. Karma appears a waiting game. The game will end when the Karmic forces exhaust themselves.

Illustration On Karma

The following illustrates the creation of Karma.

When the USSR was dismantled in 1991, Karma was created. The creation of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), in replacing the USSR, was again Karma being created. The EU’s and NATO’s reaction to the CIS was their Karma. They pushed to the Russian border — i.e. more Karma — when they could have included Russia in the organisation and thereby accepted and neutralised Karma.

Kyiv’s interest in EU did not create Karma, in the Russian perception, but it’s tilt towards NATO did.

In 2014, Moscow reacted by annexing the Russian-majority Crimea Peninsula, a part of Russia before the USSR and during the early days of the Soviet until 1954. Crimea hosts Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

America and its Allies reacted on Crimea with sanctions. Russia brushed them off. See here on the sanctions since Thurs 24 Feb 2022 and RubleGas, the world’s new resource-based reserve currency . . .

Karma was created by International Agreements in 2014 and 2015 on two breakaway provinces in eastern Ukraine. Kyiv, in having second thoughts, created Karma by being non-compliant on the Agreements.

There’s a Malaysian angle here. Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17, from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was shot down over eastern Ukraine on Thurs 17 July 2014 by suspected separatists with a missile which may have come from Russia. See here . . .

Putin reacted by creating the present “security crisis” in Ukraine.

Therein the matter lies. – New Malaysia Herald

Look out for related Article . . . In international law and jurisprudence borders must be defensible. The great river Dneiper, running from north to south, partitions Ukraine in halves.

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