Are Most Malaysians Bona Fide Racists?

Yes, that’s the title of my long article. Also a fact!

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I am pretty sure what I’m about to write will trigger many in the wrong way. Sadly for them, I don’t really care. The word ‘racists’ has always sparked different connotations, not only in Malaysia, but elsewhere too.

In Malaysia today, there is no unity and it is a fact. Politicians can shout 1Malaysia or yell Keluarga Malaysia but the Malays, Chinese and Indians here aren’t united and don’t see each other as family.

Why like that? Don’t act like like you all don’t know.

The Chinese and Indians here assume and think that without them, Malaysia would not have prospered because the Malays are lazy.

If the Malays weren’t lazy, why would the British bring Indians to work here right? If Malays were hardworking, how come the Chinese control the economy from those days till today.

That’s the understanding and view of most of the Chinese and Indians here. True story, bro. Sadly.

This view and ‘rasa tak puas hati’ (not satisfied) grew over generations and became worse because of Article 153 that the British inserted when giving independence to Tanah Melayu and citizenship to the Chinese and Indians.

The Chinese and Indians feel that why should the Malays have special rights when it was they who worked hard to make Malaysia prosper. They feel that the Malays have special rights simply because they were the majority and there’s no other reason besides that.

When someone is given special treatment, it is normal for others to be dissatisfied. It is human nature. But when you are not satisfied because you too stupid to learn history and because of that stupidity, you create racial issues means I got no choice but to knock some sense and history notes into your head.

The Indians were brought by the British to work in the rubber estates then
While there was a reason why the Chinese from Mainland China were brought in too

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In the 1500s, the Chinese came to Malaysia as traders and some of them settled down here after marrying the Malays here (Eg: Puteri Hang Li Po and the birth of the Peranakan Cina / Baba Nyonya in Malacca as the state was a trading hub back then).

The first time the Chinese came here was because of diplomacy and trade. Not to enhance the economy.

In the early 1900s, the British who had colonized Malaysia by then brought more Chinese into the country to work in the mines.

The Chinese came here during this period not to save the Malaysian economy, but to save themselves from the hardships they were facing in China.

I know this because I read Lim Goh Tong’s biography and other materials.

If the Chinese were so industrious, why come here to develop Tanah Melayu and not China Mainland? Because at that material time, there were many uprisings back then which finally culminated in the formation of the Republic of China.

That’s why I facepalm when the Chinese attend Ambiga’s ‘stupid’ rallies today. Last time, their forefathers came here because of an uprising, aka violent protests.

Today, they join Ambiga and the gang to do the same thing here. Learn from your forefathers, hello?

So did Malaysia’s economy prosper because of the Chinese? Yes, definitely. No one denies that, but to say that without them the economy here would not have prospered is rubbish.

The Malays did not want to work in the mines not because they were lazy. It’s because Malaysia was called Tanah Melayu then and Melayus here basically had their own piece of land in which they did agriculture.

Some of them were pembesar istana and in the service of the Sultan as well.

Most importantly, the British preferred that the Malays remained rural to avoid uprisings.

Think and see. Why would the Malays risk their lives and work at the mines?

To elaborate further, let’s look at the rubbish collection in our housing areas today. The Bangladeshis and other foreigners are the ones who are doing the job now.

It’s been a long time since I saw a Malaysian doing this sort of work.

So if those foreigners claim we Malaysians are dirty because if not for them our rubbish will never be dispersed, does that mean we are filthy as claimed? Of course NO.

We don’t pick rubbish because we don’t want to. Period!

Same story with the Malays those days. Get it?

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As for the Indians, we were brought here because of the cheap labour and we were submissive.

Submissive means British ask us to jump means we won’t even ask how high, but immediately jump.

After being under British rule in India for close to 100 years, we Indians became that submissive to them and became fearful of the British by default.

That’s why the British treated us worse than sh*t.

Indians were brought to Malaysia because of the ‘rubber boom’. The British (the East India Company basically) had invested billions of pounds into the rubber industry and were in dire need of a labour force.

Like every boss in Malaysia today, the British too wanted cheap labour to save costs and that’s why they brought us here.

The British didn’t want to use the Malays or even the Chinese and badly wanted only Indians to work on their estates for another reason as well.

In 1870, the British parliament passed the Forster Act. The Forster Act basically made compulsory education for all children in the British colony law. If you don’t follow the law, you can’t do business with the British empire.

Since Malaysia then was a British colony, that law applied to us. So the British had no choice but to either arrange transport for the children of estate workers to go to school or build a school themselves with teachers too.

Building schools, hiring teachers etc means extra costs which didn’t appeal to the British as they wanted to maximise profits. Educating us Indians means extra cost and less labour because after studying who would want to be a rubber tapper?

So the British did something very cunning. To make sure the Forster Act is followed, children of estate workers were sent to a cheaply built school and taught them Tamil.

In India, there were no Tamil schools so what syllabus were they going to teach the estate children? The British made anyone who could read and write Tamil, regardless of how little they knew, to teach the estate children.

How much knowledge would someone who came here to tap rubber have and what knowledge can he impart to the children? Very limited knowledge.

As a result, very quickly those children followed their parents to work in the estates.

By the way, this method of teaching is what developed into the Tamil Schools that we know today. And guess what? The Malay-led Malaysian government did what the English-speaking British government failed to do.

Make Tamil Education formal and give it recognition.

But right, P. Watyamoorthy from Hindraf went to London to complain to the very people who screwed us Indians up and we like idiots called him a hero.

Some Indians will claim a history going back 2,500 years. Chozha that this Lembah Bujang blah blah…

To those cluster people, I am very sorry. My grandpa and grandma were labourers and not Chozha royalty. Different caste, different clan.

In fact, grandpa and grandma were more relatable to the Pandyas clan than Chozhas.

So yeah, in essence, this is how the Chinese and us Indians ended up here with the Malays and evolved into Malaysians.

The British did nothing but use us all for their benefit. We were shit to them literally.

But today, we take pride in talking, walking and speaking English. And rather ungratefully, condemn Bahasa Melayu which did nothing but give us solace and an identity as Malaysians today.

Some may question “Like that means we also deserve Article 153 right? Since we were oppressed by the British”.

Why would Indians be given Article 153 when we came here as East India company workers. The company that brought us refused to send us back to India because Britain had no more money after fighting Hitler and the Nazis in World War 2.

The Chinese could have been chased out and the British would have gladly helped as the West saw the Chinese as communists.

Thank god though because people those days were not idiots like you all today. They formed Reid Commission. Gave special rights to Malays. Gave Indians and Chinese citizenships. And formed Malaya.

Fair deal, if you ask me or anyone for the matter.

As for those who still insist it’s an unfair deal, should ask themselves if they would give Bangladeshis citizenship today if their employer tells the government they don’t have money to send them back to Bangladesh? We worked for East India Company and the Bangladeshis today work for some Sdn Bhd company. Same scenario, but just different era.

Long article but as always, whatever is written here are historical facts and the bitter truth.

In a nutshell right… Many evolve into racists lately because they are unaware or choose to be unaware about history.

As a response, what our forefathers taught the communists before should be emulated on how we treat the racists of today. There is no other choice.

About the Writer: Yuktes Vijay fashioned himself as “Yukiepedia”, which is the anti thesis of “Wikipedia”. When Wiki lies, Yuki edits. (wiki here refers to general social media where fake news is shared. Yuki refers to this column which rectifies wiki aka social media lies).

Note: The views expressed in this article are that of the writer’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of the New Malaysia Herald.

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