PPBM Man Slams Wing Leader Over Sacking

Gobi Krishnan was sacked after the PPBM’s associate wing discovered that he had been declared bankrupt in January 2021

KUALA LUMPUR – Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia’s (PPBM) Gobi Krishnan slammed the party’s associate wing Chief Chong Fat Full for wielding the race card over the former’s sacking.

According to a news report by the Malay Mail, Gobi said Chong was flanked by only two individuals, one of whom was not even a member of the national associate wing committee, when announcing he had been removed from all positions in the party with immediate effect.

Gobi said the decision to dismiss an Indian leader while being flanked by two Chinese individuals clearly showed that Chong was trying to play up racial sentiments.

“We, the majority of the national associate wing committee members, as well as the grassroots members, who are 70 per cent Indians, reject Chong’s appointment as its new leader.

“In fact, two days ago, the Johor state wing deputy head issued an official statement saying that they rejected the nomination of Chong as the new associate wing leader, due to his failure as the head of the Johor state wing.

“They also announced a mass resignation if Chong was nominated,” Malay Mail quoted him as saying in a statement.

Gobi also accused Chong of violating the party’s constitution when announcing that he had been sacked.

“Chong acted in contravention of the party’s constitution because as head of the associate wing, he has no power to appoint or remove anybody from any position in the party,” he said.

Gobi said that the party’s constitution stipulated that only the disciplinary board could sack members through due process.

He also that he will lodge an official complaint against Chong to the party’s secretary-general and the disciplinary board for acting beyond his powers and exposing the party’s internal affairs to the public.

“I will also be taking legal action against Chong for defamation,” he added.

Gobi previously held the post of PPBM’s national associate wing’s information chief and Batu division associate wing head.

On Wednesday (03 Aug), Chong confirmed that Gobi had been removed from all positions in the party with immediate effect.

This was after the wing discovered that Gobi had been declared bankrupt on 07 Jan last year.

Gobi’s bankruptcy status came to light after Federal Territories MIC Deputy Chief D. Pala Kumaran urged DBKL to explain why it appointed the alleged bankrupt individual as a member of the board.

Pala Kumaran said a search at the insolvency department found that the man was declared bankrupt in January 2021, but was appointed to the board in October.

Pala Kumaran however did not name the individual concern.  

Gobi Krishnan And Mohamad Ezam Mohd Nor’s Parti Bebas Rasuah

In March 2017, Gobi also made headlines when he announced the New Generation Party (NewGen Party) where he was the secretary-general at that time, changed its name to Parti Bebas Rasuah (PBR) and made PKR stalwart Mohamad Ezam Mohd Nor as the president while Khairuddin Abu Hassan, formerly from Pribumi as the deputy.

In a counter-statement, the then president of NewGen Party G. Kumaar Aaman claimed that his party was “hijacked” and renamed as PBR without his knowledge, let alone his consent.

Kumaar said that Gobi had hijacked the party and supported the opposition bloc for his personal gains, revealing that the secretary-general had already been suspended and no longer had the authority to act on behalf of the party.

Kumaar denied having ever agreed to change his party name, nor to support the opposition bloc, Pakatan Harapan.

According to Kumaar, Gobi was suspended for allegedly violating Article 10 of the NewGen Party’s constitution.

Kumaar lodged a report with the police and the Registrar of Societies (ROS) over the matter.

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