LETTER | What Can We Learn From The Recent Travesty?

By Sha Bacca

If we were to do a forensic audit (thanks, Anwar Ibrahim) of the recent travesty of justice, one thing that comes to mind is Precedence. Looks like these cases will shape what’s to come, perhaps:

1. Anyone can use your NAME to ask for bribery and will be protected by the law, just by hearsay testimony that they were receiving on your behalf! Read here.

2. No actual evidence of one charged with receiving bribes is required to find one guilty ie. money trail/money received “in hand”. Read here.

3. Hearsay from accuser/witness is ENOUGH to convict. Read here.

How Can This Not Be a Travesty of Justice, Ask Netizens?
How can this not be a travesty of justice ask Netizens

4. Accuser/scammer/peers/colleagues/witnesses implicated are protected by law even if “they” admit they received illegal payments themselves. Read here.

5. Anyone can mistakenly put money in your account and you WOULD be prosecuted should you think the money was an expected transfer from another source. The person/companies transferring the funds would not be penalized, even if they admitted faux pas at their end. 

Example: You are expecting your parents to transfer money to you but someone “mistakenly”, or knowingly, wants you to be in trouble with the law, deposits money into your account and you, thinking the money is from your parents, spend the money, only to be told later that it wasn’t yours to spend. But by the time you were told, you are already being investigated.

Which brings to mind, If the said company had mistakenly transferred the funds into a wrong account,  then they should make a report to the bank or police or the said account holder, but they didn’t realize their mistake until after they were approached by the investigating body.

… which begs the question Who made the report then? 

Obviously, its someone who knew of the mistake and ordered the transfer into the unsuspecting recipient’s account! Read here.

6. Evidence and testimonies of bank employees, investigative employees WITH supporting hard evidence ie. receipts, documented interviews, documented investigation, official letters or official statements from benefactor or from official authority confirming the money given to anyone in good faith is no longer VALID without a thank you note from receiver. Read here. And here.

What Travesty of Justice?

These are challenging times in Malaysia, Ladies and Gentlemen … dark times ahead of us … where Fitnah (slander) rules abound. 

It can happen to our children and grandchildren! May Allah SWT protect us! – NMH

Sha Bacca reads the New Malaysia Herald. The points expressed in this Letter are that of the writer’s and do not necessarily reflect the stand of NMH.

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