The Message Is Loud And Clear: Release Najib, Please

Thousands of youths and Najib Razak supporters of various ages and from all over the country gathered at the Wilayah Persekutuan Mosque this afternoon to urge the King to consider releasing former PM Najib Razak from imprisonment as they felt that he has not been given a fair trial

KUALA LUMPUR – The UMNO Youth Movement Malaysia on Saturday organised a peaceful rally at the Federal Territory Mosque urging the Yang Di Pertuan Agong (the King) to release former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak so that he can be returned to his family as well as Malaysians.

Its leader, Dr Akmal Saleh also stated that so far, more than a million signatures have been collected calling for Najib’s release and the petition drive is still ongoing before it will be handed over to the King for his consideration.

“We are waiting for the date from Istana Negara and the King to submit the petition. So far 1,167,239 signatures have been collected, both online and physically.

Umno Youth Movement Chief Dr. Muhamad Akmal Saleh Speaking at the Pulangkan Najib Peaceful Rally Today Said That So Far 1,167,239 Signatures Calling for Najib to Be Released Have Been Collected, Both Online and Physically. - Image Credit: Umno Online
UMNO Youth Movement Chief Dr Muhamad Akmal Saleh speaking at the Pulangkan Najib peaceful rally today said that so far 1167239 signatures calling for Najib to be released have been collected both online and physically Image credit UMNO Online

‘Pulangkan Najib’

“The Return of Najib (Pulangkan Najib) campaign means demanding justice for his case. We, and Najib himself, never called for the trial to be stopped, instead we are urging that the statesman be given a fair trial, of which he has been deprived of.

“Najib was denied the right to appeal. While others were given that right, why can’t Najib when the country still needs him?” Dr Akmal asked.

Meanwhile, the youths, mostly from the universities throughout the country held placards with various messages – some to remind the public about all the deeds that they enjoyed during Najib’s administration while others questioned why only Najib was imprisoned, what about Jho Low (the mastermind behind the 1MDB scandal)?

Two giant banner with the words ‘Pulangkan Najib’ were also brought out, one of which was constructed to allow the participants to pen their signatures and message.

Participants pen their signatures and message on a giant banner with the words Pulangkan Najib Image credit Writer
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Sometime during the rally, as the gathering was taking place outside the mosque grounds, several policemen ordered for it to be stopped because they insisted there was no permit, however after a brief consultation, they were given a few minutes to proceed before dispersing.


Earlier, more than 2,000 participants wearing white t-shirts emblazoned with the words Pulangkan Najib performed the Hajat Prayer asking that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and Permaisuri Agong be given good health so that they could protect the citizens and carry out their duty as leaders of the country wisely.

In addition, a yasin reading was also held to pray for the Islamic brothers in Palestine and that all their affairs would be facilitated and granted strength for them to fight against the oppressors from Israel. – NMH

More to follow …

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