Over 9,000 Dead In Gaza As Netanyahu Vows “Unstoppable Force”

Bahrain downgrades relations with Israel amid growing Arab anger about Gaza genocide

More than 9,000 lives have been lost in the Gaza Strip due to the Israeli military’s relentless attacks, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defiantly declares that nothing will halt their offensive. On Thursday, another residential block in the Bureij refugee camp was destroyed by airstrikes, leaving at least 15 people dead and many more feared trapped under the rubble.

Tragically, a Palestinian journalist, Mohammad Abu Hattab, was also killed in a strike on his home in Khan Younis. Alongside him, eleven members of his family, including his wife, son, and brother, lost their lives. The mounting death toll has sparked outrage across the region, leading Bahrain’s parliament to announce a downgrade in its relations with Israel, becoming the first signatory of the Abraham Accords to take such action.

Despite international condemnation, Prime Minister Netanyahu remains resolute in continuing the assault. Addressing soldiers, he emphasized that the Israeli army had made significant progress, even though they had suffered painful losses, including the deaths of at least 16 soldiers. Netanyahu’s message was clear: nothing will deter Israel from its mission.

Simultaneously, there has been a surge in attacks by Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank, coinciding with the bombardment of Gaza. In the village of Deir Sharaf, settlers rampaged through the area, leaving Palestinians trapped in their homes. Dozens of settlers, under the watchful eye of Israeli troops, attacked 20 homes, set fire to vehicles, and threw stones. The village council head, Shadi Abu Halawa, described the horrifying scene, with columns of smoke rising and the screams of terrified children echoing through the air.

Palestinians From Gaza Arrested

In occupied East Jerusalem, Israeli police arrested several Palestinians from Gaza who were accompanying patients in a hospital. These individuals, who had permits issued by Israel, were taken into custody, including women, young men, and a boy. The arrests also led to the questioning of the hospital’s deputy director.

Bahrain’s decision to downgrade diplomatic relations with Israel marks a significant break from the Abraham Accords. The ambassador to Israel has been withdrawn, and economic cooperation with the country will be put on hold. This move aligns with Bahrain’s longstanding support for the Palestinian cause and their commitment to the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, as previously declared by King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.

While the impact of Bahrain’s decision may be limited, it reflects the enduring support for the Palestinian cause among Arab populations, despite diplomatic shifts by their governments. Arab governments are cautious about potential unrest and protests that could challenge their legitimacy, especially when their relationship with Israel and the United States is called into question.

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As the Israel-Palestine war rages on, the death toll continues to rise, and the world watches with growing concern. The impact of these events reverberates far beyond the region, highlighting the urgent need for a peaceful resolution and an end to the suffering endured by both Israelis and Palestinians. – Agencies

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