China In America’s Proxy War In Gaza Strip

America starts new wars — read Gaza Strip — just before losing as in Afghanistan, and against China in Korea, Vietnam and Ukraine!

Commentary and Analysis . . . The EU, Japan and China, based on media reports, fund Hamas through the Gaza Strip.

They also fund Fatah through the Palestine Authority (PA). The PA runs the civilian administration in the West Bank. Israel keeps the territory, since 1967, under military administration. The West Bank was under Jordanian administration between the years 1948 and 1967.

Israel and America probably let Hamas survive so that they don’t have to look at solutions for the post-1948 Palestinian phenomenon. More on this later.

US Facing China in Gaza Strip

America, facing China once again on the other side, will probably not lose the war in the Gaza Strip.

Still, it’s difficult to see America winning in the territory.

Israel, allegedly lacking any humanitarian considerations, may see the Gaza Strip as scorched earth wasteland for “human animals” separated from the Jewish state by buffer zone.

In law, disproportionate and collective punishment are unlawful, violation of human rights, and tantamount to “ethnic” cleansing, if not genocide and crimes against humanity.

Israel flattening the Gaza Strip before leaving may be more about making Hamas look bad in the wake of the militant group’s attack on the music festival on Saturday 7 October 2023 in the desert in southern Israel. There was no Public Inquiry on October 7.

China About Face

Israel, having never been about face like China, recovered quickly in the wake of 7 October, its military might unscathed. Israel has gone back in time with renewed vigour, embracing “eye for an eye” and “tooth for tooth”, among the laws in Judaism rewritten by Jesus. Israel may see no hostages being held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip if rescue attempts fail.

The Messiah, far ahead of time in the Biblical Holy Land, preached about turning the other cheek “if a man strikes you on the right cheek”, “let him who is without sin cast the first stone”, “love your enemies”, “bless those who curse you”, “pray for those who mean you harm”, and “do good to others as you would want them to do”.

Gaza Strip Hate

If the people in the Gaza Strip have degenerated into xenophobia, prejudice and unmitigated hate for everything Israeli, the hand of America can be seen at work. Washington has been all about scenario-building based on paranoia in denying the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

The US has imposed hundreds of sanctions against Hamas which has been listed by UN as terrorist organisation.

The US can and will impose sanctions on Malaysia if it does not keep away from Hamas. The bottom may fall out of the RM as it becomes increasingly volatile. If sanctions are imposed, Malaysia’s US$ holdings can and may be frozen, seized and forfeited. In that case, we can’t bill in US$ and earn in US$.

If Hamas regains face eventually and recovers militarily and politically, it will be long time in the making.

US Leaves Before Losing

Again, the US does not lose wars. It just leaves before losing. America has always been about researching everything — past, present and future — to death, taking the cue from chaos being the only predictable property of the universe. America’s embrace remains deadly, its breath poisonous, as discovered by Saddam Hussein (Iraq), Muammar Gaddafi (Libya), and Bashar al-Assad (Syria), among others.

America, under the guise of the global security framework, the war-mongering UK-US Special Relationship and the UN Security Council, stokes latent hatreds around the world for embeded intelligence gathering and provoking any number of terrorist movements. These movements belabour in delusions driven by demons, if not romantic notions, on all that purportedly makes life exciting and dangerous.

Biden dropped Russia from the US-led global security framework and created the war in Ukraine. India, China and Japan remain in the framework in order of importance. Trump saw India as the only nation which can put China in its place. New Delhi however, while putting China in its place and/or making it lose face, will not be party to illegalities like pitting one country against another. India keeps America at arms length.

Biden kept Trump’s US-led QUAD which covers the Indo-Pacific War Theatre. India, Japan and Australia are the other allies in order of importance.

Washington does business, at the same time, with the government of the day while funding opposition movements worldwide, NGO and “independent” media. There has been widespread speculation that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was installed by the US State Department.

Winning The Peace

We can’t rule out Washington winning the peace in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank as it did in Korea and Vietnam. Ukraine, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya and Syria may be work in progress.

The West Bank, being disputed territory based on biblical accounts, may not be free of Israeli military administration unless UN peacekeepers enter the picture.

The Gaza Strip, based on Biblical accounts, isn’t disputed territory. Israel vacated the Gaza Strip decades ago.

The post-1948 Palestinian must look at solutions by holding local government, town council and village election.

There must be consent of the governed, legitimacy, democracy and sovereignty under the rule of law.

The UN will come in and hold territorial elections in the Gaza Strip and the disputed West Bank.

The UN can reverse the Jewish state concept, with or without Israel’s consent, and preside over one state solution. The future can be secular and democratic with three immigration systems.

Immigration restrictions will protect the Jewish population in Israel from being swamped by Arabic speakers in the Biblical Holy Land. It doesn’t matter that Islam came from outside.

The court, being court of law, cannot get into theology.

Permanent Conflict

The longstanding Palestinian state concept, if realised, will create greater permanent conflict mechanism in the Biblical Holy Land than that which followed British theft of land in India for Pakistan.

There are lessons for Palestine in the Indian subcontinent.

Pakistan, for example, never became Islamic state. The country, like India, subscribes to the rule of law.

Both nations and Bangladesh, the breakaway from Pakistan created in 1971 by Indian Jew Major Jacob, are secular states. Bangladesh has since dropped Islam from the Constitution.

The rule of law, which Indian picked up in England, helped India regain dignity and join the community of civilised nations.

The Indian Constitution outlawed the caste system. International law outlawed colonialism, nazism, fascism, apartheid, political Islam, ketuanan Melayu and discrimination without sunset clause.


The post-1948 Palestinian don’t need rotten form of politics created by the whole world jumping on the bandwagon.

They need empowerment for bottom up democracy.

That does away with political personality cults based on tribalism and feudalism under the guise of fighting for anything but democracy.

The post-1948 Palestinian are Arabic speaking Muslim and Christian. Jew, before 1948 in the Biblical Holy Land, were also known as Palestinian, an administrative term codified by the Roman Empire.

Palestinian was old Greek usage for Philistinian speakers from southern Lebanon who settled in the Gaza Strip. They are descended from Phoenician speakers in Lebanon. History tells us that the Philistinian speakers died out. Goliath, in the biblical story where David killed him, was Philistinian speaker. David founded Jerusalem 3K years ago.

There’s no Arab ethnicity.

All human being — homo sapien — have the same DNA marked by genetic barrier of millions of years against other species.

Language isn’t proof of race.

DNA is the warehouse for genes, the instruction manual for making the human being. DNA can’t tell how we would look like but only from whom we got the two sex cells that made us. Arabic speakers in the Middle East may be blonde like some Syrian and Lebanese or look like Sudanese or anything in between. — NMH

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